Lonely Job

I am widowed with 2 young boys and fortunatly an elder daughter who helps alot.


Life as a single mum is damned hard work! There is no back up when things go hay wire. No one to hold you and tell you everythings gonna be fine. You have to be good cop/ bad cop all at once.

And the nights are damned lonely!

My boys miss thier Dad but are young enough to accept and indeed want a new Daddy. Sadly, they are not available on " male "order.

There are of course compensations.... let you know when i find some! lol

Having said all that... my children are most precious to me and gladden my sad heart every single day. God bless them.

cornishchick cornishchick
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2 Responses Aug 15, 2007

yes its hard n its frustrating.. be careful if u are dating or having casual encounters.

take care and always be strong..<br />
pray for guidance from god..<br />
and if u want to talked im all ears for you..<br />