I am a single mum of three and  some times it takes all my energy just to get up in the mornings and get them to school i have 2 boys 9 n 14 years old and a daughter whos 5 years old i have no one to talk to about my day or how im feeling and it seems my family dont want to listen i try and meet people but back out at the last second i dont know what it is that i am affraid of some times i feel like a complete **** i am 30 years old female and have no friends just my kids i love my kids and i wouldnt change a thing when it comes to them. I suffer really bad anxiety when i go out and thats just to do the food shopping so i dont go out much i only go to my kids school and thats pretty much it. I get told all the time you are a very hot looking chick but i dont feel that way i have been told all my life "oh you are so hot" you never have to worry about being lonely well guess what i am so lonely i cry every night once the kids are in bed but i know they know that i am very lonely please all i want is someone else to talk to is there anyone who feels the same.

26-30, F
Mar 4, 2009