A Very Newly Single Parent

So....this is not what I wanted. I never wanted to be a single parent (who does, really?) but looks like that's what I am. To my beautiful only just turned 1 year old daughter. She is the most amazing thing ever and I count myself as blessed to have her. Right now though I am devastated over the breakup of my relationship and findiing it hard to believe this is it, I really AM on my own. And I'm thinking, I'm never going to find another man who will take me on, and love my daughter as well......
louali louali
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 8, 2010

It's not true; good men do exist. :)

im 20 and raising a five month old completely alone.. no child support, no help. its not easy by any means but we dont need easy we just need possible.. you can do it!!!

I'm with MonkeyBizz on this. I'm aslo in the same boat. We can't stop believin!