Single Moms...what About Single Dads?

It seems like there's a lot of info / support groups / awareness for single mothers, but what about single fathers?

I'm a single Dad with 2 kids. Is it any less hard for me to raise them by myself just because I happen to be a man?

I'm still responsible for all the same things a single Mom is - their health, education, financial support, parenting, role modeling, self-esteem, etc etc etc.

I feel like single Dads are all but invisible in our culture. Just because you're a guy does NOT mean it's easy!

Any other single fathers ever feel this way?
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I know exactly what you mean :(

Yes, of course. I raised my two sons completely by myself and it was wonderful. But all the emphasis was always on single moms. I took the best care of my kids, loved every minute of it. It was the best time, traveling the world, living in places like Hawaii. It was amazing, and I was successful. <br />
Good for you. Men can be excellent fathers.

There is actually a rise in single dad's as well as the father staying home and caring for the children rather than the woman. There are more support groups, assistance, and so on because there is and ALWAYS has been a pattern of the women having to take on everything. The man, in almost EVERY case, has the ability and preference of employers to make more money. It's just fact. I don't make those facts, they just are--but it doesn't negate the fact that most men leave the women to take on all responsibilities. As far as traditional roles go, women usually are the ones who cover education, homework, self-esteem, dating issues, scheduling, doctor appointments...etc.. They literally keep probably three different mental calendars of where to be, what to do, by what time, and how often. In fact, that is the reason why so many women have these huge purses some people are baffled by us carrying. It's because we carry a planner, we carry an extra paci, we carry snacks, we carry a change of clothes with us, we carry wipes, tissues, neosporin (and have you ever seen a father in those commercials of when a child gets hurt and there is a parent who pops up with neosporin to put on a scrape....??), the list goes on and on...<br />
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I commend you, the person whose post I am commenting on, and all other single dads who do what is right and bust their ***** to take care of their kids the way they need....regardless of who has custody.

I totally agree. Your job is just as hard. God bless you for being a good father and taking care of your children. I look down on both mothers and fathers who neglect their children. I am a single mother and I couldn't imagine missing any single second of my little girl's life. She is 2 1/2 and has brought me so much joy. You're so right, however. There sould be more about single dads out there. Well... we're here.

I SO agree with you!<br />
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Hats of to you, drivingpeace!!!

I think its hard no matter if your a man or women. Im a single dad of 4 kids (boys 11 and 9, twin girls 6). <br />
what Ive found, while I was the non-custodial parent, 40 % of my income was $2000 a month and I was held accountable as the Man.<br />
My ex left the kids with me and took off to another state and works a $10 hour job and hasent helped in 6 months.<br />
I think the system is broken, but all I care about is that my kids are with the parent that will do what ever it take to give them the best chance in life. And thats ME!!!<br />
I think that is why we single parents who have taken on this responsibilty, men or women know what it means to be a mom or dad.<br />
We are their heros and will never let them down.

I guess it’s not that anyone think it’s easier for you guys. It just seems to be less common.

Because most of the time men make more money , date easily, and only have the child one day a week- if at all.

While I'm not a single dad, not even a man, I completely agree with you. I've often thought "what about single dads?" when watching all the baby/toddler adverts etc on tv that always refer to mum's, not parents.