Don't Have The Words....

My 4 yr old little girl randomly says while in the store, "You remember my dad? well I know he's not my dad anymore because he wants to be by himself but I miss him. I don't want him to be by himself I want him to be my dad." I'm going to be honest, I really don't know what to say. I can't lie. As much as I wish I could erase him I can't. She is upset and doesn't understand and I can't fix it. I ask her how it makes her feel and she says it makes her mad. She used to say it made her sad and she cried about it alot. I remain calm and try to comfort her the best I can, meanwhile my insides are on fire. I swallow that large pill of hatred for her sake. Selfish. I'll bet he's out somewhere with some blond thing living like a rockstar completely oblivious to the devastation he has caused on the life of one little heart that loved him unconditionally. I despise his being for this. I know one day the reprocussions for his actions will slap him in the face (hopefully with a chair). For now I'm begging for any kind of advise to help this situation. I've done everything I can think of. I try to keep the focus on the amazing life we have built now and the family we are close to but somehow it always comes back to him. Please any advise appreciated.
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I feel for you.. Im in a position where my kids mother is leaving them and moving 1000+ miles away in the next week to be with her boy friend. I cant understand how parents, men or women can leave their children and miss out on the most special gift god can give. Im not religious, but theres a place in hell just for parents that do this to children.<br />
would love to bounce thoughts around anytime. <br />
Trying to understand this and the effects it wil have on my kids, is just beginning.<br />
Take care

Tell her your relationship didn't work out and he isn't mad at her, he and you are upset with each other. That he loves her and that he just made a bad choice. That she is amazing and not to be mad at him. Tell her to have a little hope and know things will get better.