My Ex's New Relationship And My Child Time Spent With Them.

I was in a 10 year long relationship and became pregnant. When the baby was approx 1 year old, I found out he had been cheating on me for at least 3 years with multiple women. I broke off our relationship. I allow my daughter to see him whenever he wants. It went from 4x a week down to one or two x. Now every time she goes she talks about the new person's child. I'm angry cause the I know he spends no quality time with just him and my baby. Its always with his new girlfriend and her daughter. I figure if he can cut down the time he spends with her,So frustrated than the time he does spend with her, should only be with her. He says the relationship is not serious so why introduce her to my child. I also think I deserve to be happy before him because of what he did to us.
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You are still hoping he will be as hurt as you were and you will not be happy as long as you think this way. You have to know you can't control him. He isn't with you and is allowed to date and be happy. You may not like to believe it but your making it worse then it has to be. You don't have to like her but you have to give him the right to choose without anger from you.