****!! Seriously Fuuuuccckkkk!!!

I'm going through hell!! Unfortunately at this point in my 8year olds life I'm considering adoption. No seriously his life would be way better without me raising him. I'm not capable anymore. Every morning is sheer hell. The verbal abuse he deals out every morning is just ripping my heart out! I've learned over the years not to take it personally but just can't no more:( I'm a **** mom and just can't cope! My family doesn't understand and any attempt to reach out to child services has been unsuccessful. I just will not do this anymore. He is high needs and as I try and meet my needs....it useless. Hate my life:( hate myself. Nothing I can do is good enough! I'm kicked in the ****** teeth everytime. I've put him in specials schools, loved him unconditionally, had him to the top physiatrist, and given so much. I'm tired and going ****** mental just to struggle raising him:( gotta vent this is happening everyday and I can't handle it:(......nobody is listening!
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There are places you can go for help and you should call acs because they can put you in treatment to help you relax. You need a home health aid also if he is high needs call the doctor and medical will pay for it.