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and if it wasn't for the kids I'd be gone. They are my life and my world. I knew long ago that without them it wouldn't be a life worth living. I'd planned on leaving after the 1st grew up but "poof" along came another... now I'm up to three. Divorced and living single but as much work as it is I'm here for them! They are my reason to live.
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6 Responses Jun 13, 2007

You should have learned to deal with your mental state before having kids! Kids aren't easy and with an unstable mother it only makes it worse.

<3 In this most disgusting ugly world, they are all you can trust. Love them until your soul hurts. Children who are unloved, go on to make the world even more horrible.

I know exactly what you mean...

You go girl and keep thinking like that.

It is great that you love and cherish them so much, but value yourself as well, you are an intelligent person that shouldn't feel the need to apply conditions to your existence, look into the future, children are a Legacy that often bring grand-children, and do you want to miss the light that your children’s children might provide? It’s not easy with the crap life throws, but that’s life…a complex infuriating mystery that I wouldn’t want to miss out on.

How wonderful that you are always there for your kids, but remember to take care of you too.