I Am a Single Parent

I am a single parent to my 7 year old daughter.

When life sux and i wish i wasnt here anymore shes what keeps me going.

I love her with all my heart so all the abusive **** that her father put me thru (and still try's to hurt me)  despite all the hell!!! i guess if i'd never met him which i used to think(i wish you'd die!) i wouldnt have my girl!!

I know im a good mum when she always makes me cards that say "your the best mum in the world"(so if your reading this ( 'd')

THANKS!!! she's awsome that's 1 thing we did right!!!

And i take

 full credit m8!!!

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1 Response Jun 16, 2007

I know the feeling. It's odd to think in terms of how much different life would be without their ******* dads because although we'd be spared the pain and hell of what their dads put us though, we wouldn't have our daughters! bitter sweet really.