Wouldnt Change It For the World

Im a 22 year old single mum, my son is 13months old so im still kind of new to this. Altho i did know if i wanted to carry this child i would be doing it alone, my then partner and babys dad told me its him or the baby, so i told him he knows where the door is.

The Hardest thing about being a single parent for me, is that in australia there is whats called a baby bonus, you basically get a lump sum of money after giving birth, it started at $3000 and goes up every year, i got $4000, anyway because of this alot of young girls are going out and having babys for the money, and well i get put into the same basket as them and i hate it, i spent more than $4000 on my son before he was born!!! I hate people thinking i had a child for money, i had this child because i got my self into the situation and im now dealing with it the right way!!! if that makes sense.

Its been really hard being a first time mum and doing it alone, i do have help from my parents and family, but its not the same, through every hard time that has passed and what ever is to come, its all worth it, i just have to see my sons smile to know that.


jennifer85 jennifer85
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1 Response Aug 15, 2007

I know how you feel. I am 20 years old and I have a 5 month old baby girl who means the whole world to me. When I found out i was pregnant the man I had been seeing told me that if I wouldnt terminate the prengnacy then I would never see or hear from him again... and he has held true to that. I am doing everything I can to give my daughter the best life possible and its not easy at all. Keep your head up... you know what kind of mother you are... it doesnt matter what anyone else says or thinks!