Right. So this week so far, I have had 2 sick children, a 3 year old who COnSTANtly whined (I thought for a second there I was losing my sanity), a 5 year old who chirped me: "Mom, I can't hear what you're saying when u speak with food in your mouth" 🙈 mmmm wonder where she got that from??? Insomnia twice.... Something I never get..... Myself being sick now.... And huge deadlines at work. I kind of get the saying "sleep when you're dead" .... If i want anything out of the normal routine done then I either a) have to lose precious sleep or b) use my one off evening during the week to do the it, that while carting along my laptop and having to basically move out of my house for the evening. Then after I get back from my "off" evening, I have to come home and clean up after my ex and the mess the kids have left...: it's like living together all over again. I really can't wait for everything to be settled and for me to have my home all to myself.... I just want to feel normal again, have my own routine.... I am so hurt still though that I emotionally procrastinate and put things off for later that I can't face just yet. I will get there.....
99hello99 99hello99
31-35, F
Aug 28, 2014