2 Kids and I Need a Break Sometimes

My ex who is not involved financially or physically with the kids, ages 11 and 2 1/2 does not help out.

His parents are very picky.  They will ONLY take my older daughter for a night.  Even though when y son is there they rave about how cute and easy and playful he is.  They will invite my oldest over for an overnight or weekend.  But, not my son unless I BEG.  Usually twice a year if I am lucky.

My family lives far away so cannot babysit.


So finally one night my ex MIL called and asked if she the oldest could spend the night.  I said "Can you take both?"

She snotted back at me and said 'What is this!?? Hold em hostage 2 for one sale?"

F** them.  Im sick of not getting a break once in a while!  Im not a partier or even someone who goes out!  I would just LIKE a weekend to myself!  maybe SLEEP a little?  How hard is it to help out?  I support my kids.  Their self admitted loser son doesnt pay support, is a drug addict and is no where to be found.  He doesn't help- 

Why shouldn't they take both kids if they want one?  Really????

WhatMattersCannotBeSeen WhatMattersCannotBeSeen
31-35, F
Mar 19, 2009