Husbands And Fiances.

Hello Everyone,

No I am not getting married or married at all. The reason for this topic is because I think that I need to surround myself more with women in their 30s who are still single.

Yes, since I've gone back to school, I've been around women (young and old) who are married or are getting married. Isn't that depressing?

I mean you're the only one that is constantly being stuck with men who don't want marriage and kids, and yet are surrounded with stories about husbands and wedding preparations.

There should be a sign letting those women know saying "Don't talk about marriage to those who are still single." Or maybe it is just me.

I've signed up on the New Age Dating sites this past weekend, and I haven't gotten any responses. Plus I stopped putting dating on hold since I know that I am going to have some free time coming up (I'm probably going to have one class and I know that I am going to be unemployed pretty soon. That's another worry).

I wonder if any of you thirty-something single women can relate to this?


Midnight Starr

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I don't wanna get married.

Me too, I am starting to wonder if it is even something I could control. I fret so much over it that it is probably making me age even faster. I called off engagement and restarted my career in another city ... now I feel like I have no hope of meeting anyone and no hope of finding a person to love me again... let alone marry me. I try not to think about it but it still does bother me, especially when I hang out with married people. All they can talk about is their kids and their husbands. Personally, I don't find their marriage to be that great but they seem to like to make a point about it, repeatedly. It's annoy. I would like to have a social circle of of single people but am not sure how to break out and meet new people in new town