My Experiences In Over 40 Dating

Ok I know I'm not 36-24-36 anymore and I may have to dye my hair but come on fellas get a grip...

Don't you think its a little silly to put "very good looking" on your profile then add your picture. Maybe you were very good looking when you were 20 but your 55 now

You select "match age range 30-45" ok so if you expect a 30 year old woman to want to date a man 25 years older than her, are you willing to date a woman 80. So when you show up in my search of 45-60 age range I am not even considered even though I am 5 years younger than you. How does this freakin' make sense.

Then in your profile it says your last couple of relationships didn't work out. Well maybe because you were dating a woman 25 years younger than you that just wanted a few free trips to Vegas or the Islands then when she wants a serious relationship she goes back to someone her own age without all the wrinkles and aches.

Next you want someone that performs in the sexual olympics. I'll let you in on a secret. Woman can have sex all day and night, we don't have a problem getting it up. Its only your skills and capabilities that causes the statement not now honey I have a headache. This is woman code for you are just not that good and I don't feel like making the effort to help you along while I am only going to get a mediocre ****** if I'm lucky.

You want a professional woman with a high income and yet you also expect her to still be suzy homemaker. Pick a woman, either the highly driven one or the caring homemaker. No matter what womens liberation hype you've heard we can't be both and be good at it.

Round 1 is complete, Round 2 to come later.

Thanks for the vent time.
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. . . american men are ***** . . .im a dude and i can admit my male friends are stupid and insensitive toward women . . .yet they have this air of persistent exceptional-ism about themselves . .. .if they pulled their heads out of their own ***** they'd see that they dont have much to offer and dont have the domestic social graces to make someone want to stay with them . . .. . i cook for myself, been on my own since i was 18, and dont expect to be entertained by someone . . .nor do i ever attempt to buy or own someones soul . .. . i play by my own rules and, for that reason, dont expect to control someone else's life. sex or no sex. period.

I am sure you are a very beautiful woman. I would have to agree with everything you said. I myself will be 50 this year and I am not looking forward to it. I know I do not look like I did 20 years ago, but I don't feel I look bad for my age. I am beginning to bald a little, I have "love" handles now.

Thanks for grudgingly admitting you might be aging a little. You are going bald, you have love handles but you still have to qualify that with I don't look bad for my age. I don't look bad for my age either but I don't look 25. I think you made my point for me. If your wife was going bald and had love handles would you consider her your equal in the looks department?

I love my wife for who she is. She has thinning hair and also has love handles and I still find her attractive.

Good for you

I loved your comments, so very true...... As I.m gett.n a little older now and have many female friends of all ages, they all say the same thing....... I only wish I could love you all! Good luck in your quest, with your great additude you will find eternal happiness! You go girl!