Want To Date But Cannot Attract A Stable Person

I want to date; I really do...But I cannot seem to attract a man who has it together. I hate this; I'm 46, in the sexual prime of my life, kids are grown, am successful, but I either meet players or guys who have little kids and are broke. The last two guys I liked pursued me, but lied about recent past relationships and the aftermath was horrific.

Some days I'd rather stay single, but then again, I'm tired of being alone for every holiday, every birthday, and so on. I don't know what to do anymore. I thought that once the kids were grown, dating would get easier, but it's been terrible.
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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Oh........My........I could not agree more.

This dating crap bites as we mature and become more successful.

Damn us for being beautiful.

- k

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Hang in there Robin. There are still some of us who know how to appreciate a woman. I know the feeling of being lonely, I was alone inside my marriage, that is the main reason for my divorcing. I hope you find that special someone.