Wow How Things Have Changed

It seems like we went through some major changes since I started dating.  Things use to be simple enough, a sexy look, send a drink, ask for a dance. . .   Then you were certain to get your interest across.  Nowadays, wow, go out to the bar, you only meet young kids.  So get with the technology dating, meet all kind of people, some serious, some weirdos, some kids again.... or some at the other end of the planet.   Who knew being single at 40 these days could be so complicated.  I am an intelligent woman, I should be able to get a good search going lol.  Well I know my time will come again, or I hope so.  In the meantime, good luck to every women over 40 trying to find love again.

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I am thinking of doing the cougar routine. I am in my early 40s and hot, and my kids are grown. I just want to have fun, and play. And, maybe a sugar daddy on the other end. Sound terrible and so not loving, right?

Well, I did my wifely stint, raised my kids, catered and bent over backward for unappreciative men. Screw it. Good girl routine didn't work.

If I meet someone worth taking seriously, I would look at a regular commitment, but as good men are about as common as hen's teeth, I won't be holding my breath.

Dating over 40 is more complicated because the rules and the 'mediums' used have also changed. However, we are also at an advantage – for by this age we a more defined in our wants/likes/and dislikes and tolerance for foolishness is also limited for we have found ways to weed out the ‘undesirables’. With the onset on on-line dating becoming more and more popular, one need to take heed of the written words behind the virtual body sending the messages – mainly at face value – and insight conversation in both the virtual and in the real world. Though, surprisingly, there are some folks within our age bracket who still follow the 'old-school' rules of courtship despite the new dating forums – which is encouraging. So as you venture into this new era of dating the best we all can do is have fun, keep the faith, continue to be open to opportunities, be your true self, and keep your wits; for the "one" will once again appear before your very eyes when you least expect it. Happy dating and all the best.....

Good job, Lady42... good luck in everything you do!

As we all know life is not easy, it's how we go about our daily lives that makes a difference. Thanks for your comment and all the best to you as well.

I hope so, too, for you maria... I agree, it's soooo tough. If I had known that replacing my long distance relationship with a local situation would have been so difficult for me, I swear I never would have ended it... I was so close!

Funny somethings never change! my granny used to complain too! I was a small child and I used to think she was mad! well now I am over fifty and single again! Us Males too find dating complications!

Are you kidding? The first 20 years of my life, I was the "political property" of a domineering father. For 15 years after that, I was disappointed in relationships with arrogant and self-centered men. I am almost 40. The rest of my life is going to be for ME!<br />
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You may want to ignore me. I'll be the first to admit I am a stick in the mud. But good luck to you, anywho. I wish you all the best in your quest for mutuality, co-creation, and goodwill. <br />
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Just be wary not every male is capable of comprehending those concepts, let alone bringing them forth to ensure a standard of quality with regard to the institution of a coupleship.