Conflicted...can Anyone Help?

I've asked a couple people already, but I'd like to know from some other people.

Would you ever do something that you knew was wrong, just to know what it felt like? It could be anything at all, something little to something huge.  Here's the thing, I've never met up with anyone that i've met online before. And there's been a few times where people have asked me if i'd like to meet up. It's obviously dangerous to do something like that because you never know what will happen, but I'm just really curious to know what it would be like. Or what would happen, good or bad.

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6 Responses Feb 27, 2010

In my opinion, meet away. Just be smart. Don't meet someone in private. Stay public for the first date at LEAST. Get to know them first. Caution is great, just don't be overcautious. You may be surprised at who you meet.

oh sweetie, when it comes to meeting someone from the internet, i'd say be very, very cautious. there are too many psychos and fraudulent people out're young and cute, someone might have evil intentions...not worth it. yes, i have done things that are wrong out of curiosity, but i kept my limits in my mind at all times.

I have met a couple of people in person that I met online first. Email me for the details if you're interested in hearing.

I have wanted to do things that I felt were wrong just to see how I would feel about it. Lately I have not.

Oh and yes i have done things i knew were wrong ....

well just keep hoping its all good and you dont run into someone bad......