Sinner Not A Saint

I believe in God and Jesus. But I admit I'm a sinner. I'm a good girl. I just do some things that are not pleasing in the eyes of the Lord.  I'm drowning so deep in my sin, God is the only Lifeguard that can save me.
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I'm a sinner too. Initially I felt very guilty and whenever something bad happened to me, I felt it was a punishment given by the Lord for my sins. But I've realized that if we repent in our heart and promise not to ever repeat it again, God will forgive us, for he's all loving and forgiving. And come on, to err is human. We all make mistakes, big or small. The best approach to it is to seek forgiveness and move on with a new and positive outlook.

Awesome. My thoughts exactly. Thanks:)

i would rather be an honest sinner then a lying saint. at some point in the bible there is a story of how Jesus goes to a town where the town leaders and the priest use the postions and power to take money and what ever they want from the citizens. Jeseus says that the hookers are following the reliogon better then they are because they are only do that as a job and they follow to rules and morales better then the priests. that is one reason i don't like going to church, you hear the priest story and what he says instead of what the bible says. you would be suprised at the diffrense between the 2.


Why do you carry so much baggage.<br />
How can you offload some of it?<br />
Why don't you apologise for your actions, draw a line under them, and move on with a fresh attitude.<br />
Guilt is so negative and can stop you from doiung a lot of positive things.

Thank you for your words. I really appreciate it.:)