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I was once a Christian, not long enough till my brother became a Muslim i was like (WTH) and, he told me a story's about the Islamic prophet and more as i learned the more interesting fact i knew or more like, building a religion in me, The only question that relies on me and stay with me is, "well you be a believer of god or just be a man who god doesn't want to deal with and throw you into the fire of hell like a piece of trash?" the angels well say to you "have'd you not believe?, wasn't their anytime for Allah(god)?", And that's the punishment that you regret because you did not follow your god so why would your own god even rely on you when you did not followed him? the timing of your's is almost coming to an end, don't be late on what you choose, i don't even want to convince anyone to become a Muslim, but just to lit you know you well always end up at gods feet's just as a Bedouin men's were jesting on Mohammed and laughing on him they said unto Mohammed(saw) "that your god ins't real if he was than till him to make it rain" Mohammed(saw) raises his hands towards the heavens and said Oh My Allah(god) make it rain and it rains, the Bedouins men's were laughing at Mohammed and contentiously laughing for days on day 5-6 they got worried because their crops and farm, home's, supplies were being destroyed so on day 7th day the Bedouin men's returns to the prophet and says to him 'O Mohammed, prophet of GOD till your god to stop the rain, our crops and supplies are being destroyed' 'Mohammed raises his hand towards the heavens and it stops rains,
You may not think it was real, but really ghost is another thing that god made, its almost like a man seeing a ghost and says "oh you don't exist".
~MUSLIM MEANS [Believers]



Tawi Tawi
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Are you aware that before Mohammed decided to become a prophet, he was a war lord and a *********? That he came along three hundred years after Jesus, and plagiarized both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible to create the koran, with some of his war lord thinking thrown in for good measure? But don't think for yourself. You can get your head cut off for that . . .

You're too young to join a cult. I find your story very, very sad.

i may be young but pretty much sure i know where im heading after earth.