Baby Needs A Mommy

I am 57, white, male, and I would very much like to find a mommy to treat me as her little baby girl! Baby likes to wear cloth diapers, plastic baby pants, and pretty baby dresses, or baby doll nighties with my diapers. I also love a baby bottle filled with warm formula, will eat baby food if mommy wants to fee it me> I will do what ever mommy wants me to, jsut as long as she is not a mean mommy, I want a loving, caring mommy. I live in las vegas.
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I am a sissy male in my mid fiftie and I have had no experience ith adult baby's but have a strong urge to mother one.

I would really like the chance to wash and diaper an adult baby.

Is there any one out there that would allow me to mother them

Hi my name is andrew bird i am 22 year old adult baby who needs a mommy i liek to be dressed up as a little baby girl. I allso liek to be bottel fraed and i liek to wher nappies my phone number is 01709431294