Sissy Diaper Training

My wonderful mistress instructed me to buy diaper as i did. She had me put on on with my large butt plug in me and told me to get used to wearing them. She had me edge myself by rubbing through the diaper and rocking back and forth with the plug in it was great. The next time Mistress had me put one on I was instructed to givemyslef my very first enema. I filled up once in the shower and empyied then I filled up once more with cold water and held it for her. I got dressed with mydiaper on and sat and waited for over an hour to release the liquid. She had me video tape the release it was entirly to much for the diaper to hold. The video is on youtube its called For mistress by sub4you89. Yesterday was my first full day in diapers, I was told if I do go I must wait and ask for her permision. I peed twice in it with in 6 hours and sat in it for all six before getting permission to change. Aroud 10:30 i had peed in my new diaper once and was instructed to wear it to bed. after doing so i peed in it one more time before bed and it leeked out into my boxers. Also since i was having troulbe pooping in it mistres instructed me to take some laxivitves as i did. I woke up with a strong urge to go i peed in that same diaper two more times then finaly pooped. It was a lot and i sat and waited for my mistress to go online for 30 miuntes with it all in my diaper. Unfortantly she hasnt been on and i did change my diaper. :/ shes not going to be happy with me Im still very sorry mistress.
rwfrjs rwfrjs
18-21, M
Aug 14, 2010