How I Became A Sissybaby

I was born and raised in southern California  with a sever foot deformity.  I spent the first 10 years of my life in hospitals or at home with  both of my feet and legs in casts or braces. At this time I could not walk by myself or get to the bathroom by myself so I was kept diapered with cloth diapers and rubber pants and was pulled around in a red wagon or pushed around in a wheelchair by my parents or my older brother and sister. Since I was in diapers I was never toilet trained and had to go to special schools where they had facilities to change me and was full of crippled kids.


     In 1967 I finally had my last surgery and by 1968 I learned to walk and was soon potty trained so I could now go to regular schools with my brothers and sisters. In 1976 when I was 16 I had my own car and started to remember how I liked diapers and when I seen an ad in the sears catalog for Attends adult and youth disposable  diapers I drove to a town near me and ordered2 packages of diapers. About a week later I got a notice in the mail that my diapers had arrived so I drove like crazy to sears and picked them up. When I got home I quickly ******** my cloths off and laid on my bed and slipped a diaper under me. After fastening the tapes I stood up and rubbed the front of my diaper till I came what seemed like gallons then pissed my diaper full. I walked around in just my diaper till it was time for my mom to get home then I removed the wet diaper and hid it in the trash. Over the next few years I did this many times then in 79 for my 19th birthday several of my friends had scheduled a fishing trip and invited me along. I had agreed to go along because they were known to always have beer along their trips and I figured I could wear my diapers at night after every one was asleep (story Gone fishing).


The first night when everyone was asleep from drinking beer and fishing I ******** down and put a diaper on then climbed into my sleeping bag. The next mourning I slept late so the guys decided to dump me from my sleeping bag into the lake. When I stood up in nothing but a flooded diaper the guys started to make fun of me and call me the camp baby. When the guys found my other diapers they decided since I appeared to like to wear diapers that was all I could wear and when one of the guys made a beer run he also bought more diapers. Over the next few days I spent my time in just a tee shirt and my diapers but also had been raped by all of the guys and since I sort of enjoyed it I figured I was bi-sexual.


Later that year I started to drive trucks and after I was married I started to drive semi trucks across country and wearing diapers while I drove without my wife knowing. In aug of 84 I fell from the top of my truck and ended up paralyzed while I was in the hospital I was told I would need to wear diapers 24/7 but the doctors couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t up-set. While I was in the hospital my wife had given birth to my second daughter and had told the doctors that she couldn’t take care of me and the new baby. My doctors decided to put me in a nursing home until my wife was able to deal with me. They placed me into a nursing home only about a mile from my house so my wife and kids could visit me every day. While I was there the nurses used cloth diapers and instutional style yellow rubber bloomers. One day my wife asked if she could get me plastic pants would the use them instead if the bloomers that left marks on my legs and they told her they would. Two weeks later my wife showed up with some Comco plastic pants for me and the nurses after putting them on me at diaper changes they asked if she could get me a few more pairs. After a few days my wife showed up with 4 more pairs of Comco pants and some novelty pants in nursery prints and the nurses thought they were really cute and used them at night. Weeks later when the nurses were talking with us about my discharge date the told my wife they miss the homes baby (I was the youngest patient there by 20yrs and the had been referring to my room as the neo-natal room. On the day I got out my wife showed up with a blue onesie tee shirt and sweat pants. When the nurse asked about it my wife told her it was to help conceal my diapers. The nurses agreed that it was a very good idea and they would have to check into them for their other patients


On the way home I asked my wife about the baby stuff she told me she had found a place called DPF and they had lots of adult diaper stuff and she thought that since I had to wear diapers we might as well make it fun. I agreed that that was ok as long as no one found out then I told her about my love of diapers and my use of them while on the road and she said it was no wonder I didn’t mind when the doctor told me I would be in diapers the rest of my life. As she was changing me into a dry disposable diaper and another pair of plastic pants with bears on them I also told of my fishing trip years before and I knew I was bi-sexual but did and would always love her. My wife was sort of shocked and asked if I really enjoyed it and when o told her yes she said that DPF also had little girl clothing and she could dress me as a baby girl and when I agreed  to let her she hugged me. In 1988 I started to start to learn to walk again and my wife started to invite some of her friends over and their husbands as well as some of the guys who were on the fishing trip years before and when they would come over she would have me dressed as a baby girl and the would force me to service them.


In 89 my wife left me and our 3 daughters due to my dislike of her drug use I had met a few people and found I liked men better but soon I moved to northern Nevada so my kids would hade better schools and seasons as well as no gangs (schools down there were starting to have real problems). The real problem was that there are no adult babies around for me to play with so I only get to dress up once a month when I get a motel in Reno



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Oct 19, 2009