Being A Sissy Wife

  It stated with me getting caught dressing.  my wife took total control of my fetich and turned it into a life style. I no longer have much to say about what I have or need.  I wear makeup and bras panties corsets nylons and skirts and dresses and fem tops heels and all things fem.  I have gotten use to being humiliated publicly and I am now the wife in the relationship.  If you would like to share your thoughts please refer to me as sissy and contact me would love to talk to others like me  

Lorriane48 Lorriane48
46-50, M
2 Responses Jan 4, 2010

Hi Sissy. I know and feel what you are going thru. Recently had somethings done to me that will garantee that i stay female.<br />
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I am completely shaved from the neck down. I have blonde hair (my hair used to be brown) It is permed in a very, very feminine style with cute tight ringlets. My eyebrows are thin with only 2 or 3 hairs thick in an arched permanent "surprised" look. My ears have 3 holes in each lobe. And I have acrylic nails and a nose stud. Permanent make-up. I've had my eyes outlined in a black line tattooed forever, with a thin outline around my brows so that they look drawn on, and my lips are outlined in a dark red color with a rose shade filled in. All this so that I will never be able to look or appear as a male again.<br />
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Very interesting I wonderhow you feel. It may be a good thiing