Butt Plug's

I have never had anal sex but I constantly think of it.
I want to be ****** but fear the pain.
I have used various objects to insert and **** myself but fear the real thing.
I now want to use a butt plug so my anus will stretch enough to take a **** or another sissy ****.

I know what I really need is an understanding sissy who would help me by slowly breaking me in. My main problem is that most sissies want to be ****** and dont want to do the *******.
A real man would just want to hurt me, just for being a sissy there would be no other reason needed.

Can anyone please advise me on the best butt plug to buy or even the best way to relax enough to take the real thing or even a voluntere to be my real life butt plug.

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6 Responses Dec 28, 2010

Try to find something known as Vagisil. Its for Vaginal itching! It has some pain releving compounds! And it's as slippi as hell!!

i bought a new black butt plug this week and am trying to get inserted. i tried for about 5 minutes or more to get it in - almost made it but had to stop. i will try again in the next hour. i am using lots of lube!
i have been using a tampon for several weeks to get used to something in me. not sure it helped that much as the plug is about 2 inches across.
i do love the feeling of something in me and hope to be able to use it 24/7.

I am like you - i want anal, **** size not important, but the respect to get the feel - lossen for a better tern is critical. My first i was raped by a friend, I presented my ring and he just ploughed from the first stroke - it hurt and I bleed. But a man / woman who will take the time and let you loosen up and relax there is nothing better. Once your are relaxed and comfortable, pound that little ring - yes

All men won't hurt you. I have had several men that knew how to make love and penetrate my manhunt properly. There are some that haven't been as considerate on entry but once they got their **** working even that small pain was worth taking. As others have mentioned, many sissy buoys will **** you too. That's greta fun, two gurls getting it on!

I sympathize with you completely. I love the feeling of my anus and prostate being stimulated but it is too painful ti insert large ob<x>jects. Two days ago I got a vibrating bullet plug with 2 different sized attachments - these were good. I think about getting ****** a lot but I worry much like you.

well that depends on what you are offering would you slip my panties down and play with my sissyclit if so then i will be your human butt plug or male human doll.