He Loves Being A Mommys Boy

My son is almost nine yrs old and I started dressing him as a little girl almost 3 months ago, mostly just after school and for bedtime. It started after he had stayed with my sister and she had dressed him as a girl to put him to bed. I asked him how he felt being dressed as a girl and at first he said he didnt like it, but later then said that he thought girls clothes were pretty. I asked if he would like me to dress him as my little girl and he nodded shyly and began to cry. I cuddled  him in my lap and as I began to undress him it was as if he was being reborn again.

     He giggled and splashed in the bath as he did when he was 2/3 yrs old, he even played with a toy boat he hadnt seen since he was a baby, I loved being able to bath him and he took little notice as I gently washed him. (I had not washed him like this from around 5 yrs old) As I dried him he put his arms around my neck and said  "I love you mommy" I told him he was mommys baby and I loved him too. I dressed him in his own PJs for bed ( I found a pair that fitted him from his old clothes) they still had trucks and cars on them and fitted him easily.

Over the next few days I visited the shops and opp shops and selected some clothes that suited him, his afternoon now consists of him being allowed to play with his friends until 5 pm when he is called indoors, he very rarely objects or resists, .he will sometimes tell me he can manage his own bath now because he is almost 9, when I tell him he is still mommys baby, he is happy for me to undress him and bath him.

I dress him in the cutest little girls dresses I can find and I have two or three that easily double up on him as baby girls outfits for him to sleep in, I love how when I pull on a pair of his panties he holds onto my shoulders. I buy him frilly little pastel panties that really are cute on a 9 yr old boy and  I love how he is no longer embarrassed by me seeing up his dress when i put his socks on. I love to brush his hair and put a pretty clip in it and he goes to look in the mirrorto see the pretty little sissy who use to be a little boy.
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Awe Such A Sweet Endearing Story

Perfect mommy!

Having mother give you a bath and then dressing you as her little girl, must have been embarrassing as well as a lot of fun.

I also enjoyed being our mothers little helper.
I became her favorite when I was caught sneaking into her room, and wearing her clothes at night and when they were away.
Once she knew I was being naughty and wearing my sisters and her clothes almost every night, she decided that I should wear them anytime I was at home. She liked seeing me in panties, bra, hose, slip, dresses, skirts and blouses. I think mother liked having me dressed as a sissy, almost as much as I liked feeling pretty when I was dressed as her little girl.

This is such a beautful story. It's wonderfully joyful to be a sissy. You are such a wonderful mom. I agree that I wish I had a mom like you.

Perfect sissy boy

Very nice

Wish I had a mommy like you when I was 9 yo.

Perfect mommy! Where were you when I was 9 yo!

You are a mommy in a million. I wish you were my mommy, and I would be your daughter

When I was young around 5,6,7 I would stay at my aunts house so my cousin would have someone to play with, My uncle was a traveling sales men and was home much. I never stayed there while he was home, Soon after I got there I had to take a bath and put on Girls cloths and stay that way all week end we would play Barbies and house and what ever she wanted to play. I think I must have like it or maybe even love it because I went back two or three times a month and would be a girl the hole time that maybe why I love to wear panties and soft thing now ..

Dats sexy

I would love to see your sissy boy

i want be sissy boy who can learn me ??? am 17 years old

my mother always left play clothes out for me to change into after school, until I was 10/11 my play clothes were always little boys styles, my big sister changed into her stuff and when mom came home she would give me a cuddle on the couch like i was really small child. my mom breast fed me until i was 8 when she got home and again when she put me to bed. Iwas bathed like a toddler until i was 12 yrs old and mom would dress me for bed, at bedtime mom would lay me on my bed, she would take my jama pants down, lift me and put a cloth nappy under my bottom, then rub baby powder, over my dicky, smiling down at me and telling me i was still her baby, she would pin my nappy on and have me stand up while she put on some girly plastic baby pants, mommy would lay with me to put me to sleep.

my son is 12 and I love to to dress him as my little girl. I make him be mommys baby when I have girlfriends around and he parades around in front of them so they can admire how cute he is. He has to hold the hem of his dress so mommys friends can see his panties, often they will nurse him in their laps, cuddling him and smoothing his dress, they find it hard to resist a sissy little one, one or two will arrive early so they can help with his bath or to dry him and watch him being dressed

My mum dressed me as a girl until i was 11 yrs old for special afternoons with her friends and their children, mostly boys, I was one of the older kids but didnt wear big girl clothes, we were all our mothers little girls, sometimes even sleeping over at their houses, in pretty PJs and allowing the other mothers to babysit us.

Do you think he would like to be put in a diaper and plastic panties?

I do love my mom but she still doesn't accept how being a girl is more comfortable for me.

i love being a little girl now my mum calls me kaity and i love pink i even go 2 school as a girl im 12

Do they permit cross dressing in schools nowadays?

Yes, some primary schools now allow boys to wear full girls uniform including white socks and pinafore dress

SO catty!!! LOL!!! ; )

lucky boy

Your son is so lucky. Eventually each of us need to have our needs fulfilled. My own lovely, and very loving mother, recognized my feminine side only after she found me in her clothes at age 14. Mother and the other women in her family showed me how to be a girl in private and an apparent young man in public. <br />
<br />
Life was roughest in college, where I had no closet in which to hide my girly clothes, but since then it has gotten better. Just a matter of finding other women and sissies who enjoy this life we're all livin'.

You are a GREAT Mom. So many Boys LOVE being Feminine and Pretty! Your son is Very Lucky!!

wish you were my mommy!

What a wonderful mom. And you will find that when he/she is grown ,they will make a lovely companion to an understanding lady. Always compliant and submissive. Although because of a male dominated society,not many ladies have experienced having a sissy partner. They are truly missing out.

What a great Mummy! You remind me of my own. You should maybe offer to let him play with some of your clothes. Give him a special place in your lingere drawer with some panties, bras, nylons and slips. If he's anything like me he will love them. They have your smell to themHe's the same age as I was when I told Mummy I wanted to be a girl like her. As Melodie said dress him up and let him become confident in himself. I wish more Mummys would be understanding like you and my Mummy. <br />
<br />
Hugs<br />
Janet Kotex