He Is Adorable As A Little Girl

My 8 yr old son doesnt mind me sissying him and he makes an adorable little girl. When he is dressed up its as if he is a toddler, more like  a 3 yr old over again. He happily stands and allows me to take his shorts off him, holding my shoulders then he coyly covers himself,  (so mommy does see his little wee wee), I love how he does that, but then forgets all about  it,  often standing there sucking his thumb or fingers as I gently soap him in the bath or  as I  dress him.
He has boys clothing for school and to go out but when we are indoors at home he just as happy for me to put him in much more feminine clothing or a pair of shortalls. I love puttting a little petticoat, with a short little dress on him, often with  prints on it  to suit a little girl and how he stands there with his arms raised, not caring that Im seeing him naked and allowing me to dress him as mommys little girl. I get the cutest little girls panties, he stands there holding onto me with his eyes closed as i pull them up underneath  his dress, then like most little ones, he will lift his dress to see them. He loves having a tiara in his hair and when dressed this way no one would know he is really a little boy.
I love to sit him in my lap in front the bedroom mirror and smooth his clothing or showing him the printsand frills on his  panties, I think more mothers should do this with there young sons, before they become teens.
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well done Louse Id love tot together with our children. my son is 9 he has been my little girl for 4 yrs now, at home mostly but with his ballet teacher too. I relate to much of your story, David still lets me dress him and is very much mummys baby girl, he loves me to put pretty panties on him after a bath until I put him into a nappy at bedtimeI love how he still lays on his rug, he doesnt seem to mind that I pull his panties down and just lays there looking up at me in his cute little dress, or if I tell him he is a good girl as I powder his tiny wee wee.When u have your son in your lap, try putting your hand under his dress, smooth out her panties and while your touching her penis tell her what good girl she is.

add me sweetie

What all daddies should do!

I want him

I would love to see your little sissy boy

If I understand correctly, a little boy or girl cannot assume the identity of the opposite gender unless he is predisposed to it in the first place Recent stories on 20/20 tv series suggest that a child knows his gender identity at a very early age and his /her tendencies cannot be changed by dressing him in any kind of clothing, male or female. What do you think?

Theres nothing wrong with sissfying little boys if they want it. I was sissyfied at that age, wearing dresses, playing with dolls, and having Huggies pants, plastic diaper covers and a dummy in bed well into when i was 16. No one minded at all.

I wish I was your child!

I don't know why people get so irate about clothes and make mountains out of molehills. It's just clothes for heaven sakes! I like wearing panties and nighties and it hasn't harmed me or anyone else. Do you get upset when women cut their hair short or wear jeans, shirts or Jockeys? Of course not. If you had happier lives you wouldn't begrudge someone being happy too. Get a life! Live and let live!!

He's 8. Pretend what you have written was posted by someone else and then read it again. He doesn't mind? He trusts you. I don't see in your post where he initiated anything; you did! There is a real world and there is a real mind within that head of your son. Think about what you are doing!

What made you want to do this? Was it that you simply wanted to make him a sissy just because? I'm not against you on this just curious of the proccess.

I love your story I can relate to this.

I was wondering if there are any sissys in Australia.

why cant my mom do that with me :'(

I wish my mommy had done that... but shes homophobic like my dad so all i got were beatings and "man up you little *****" speeches :/...

you are a good mother and the bond that you have with your little boy will always be strong. <br />
im in no hurry for my 10 yr old son to grow up and see nothing wrong with a mother being able to care for her child the way you are with your son. Giving my little boy his bath, making him warm and dry is a nice part of our day, My ten year old still has a night nappy at bedtime and when I dress him for bed after his bath, I go out of my way to make him look like a little girl, he looks so cute in a baby dress with the lace of his panties peeking out at the hem. He happily comes to me for a cuddle and giggles when his dress is smoothed out. He wears a bib over his dress to have his dinner and hates to get his dress dirty, at bed time he will let me lay him on his rug, hold his dress and smile up at me as i remove his tights or panties, he lets me powder his tiny private parts, i pin him into a cloth nappy and he still has a pacifier to go to sleeep

It would have been nice if we all got that treatment as young ones

Great job Mom, keep up the good work. You son will be a lot more confident in who he is as an adult.

i wish my mum would have done the same with me, your son dosen't know how lucky he is to have a mum like you.

Our youngest grandson was very upset that when we went to the thrift stores his sister got all the cute dresses and panties. So his mother and I have been picking some things just for him lately and boy he loves them!

I was not put in dresses as a child but I have always been fascinated by the idea since a child. I've worn my mother's clothes before in secrecy and thought I would out grow it. I was wrong . Just love the idea of this as an upbringing.

am i the only one who thinks this is sick. i love sissies but doing that to a little kid is just sick. he doesnt know what hes doing and your forcing a lifestyle on him he probably wouldnt have normally liked. i hope this story isnt true and is just for the imagination.

My thought exactly!

That is great Louise, but at 8 I was wearing a jumper and sandels, just like the ones my best friends and a lot of other girls wore, to go anywhere or outside to play. Why not allow your son the fun of being outside dressed, instead of only inside?

I was probably quite young, around 5, when my father came back from WW II, and displaced me as my mother's favorite, when I realized how much differently I was treated if dressed as a boy or girl. Mommy always gave me the choice, but I knew what she liked best. When I wore frillies and acted cute, she would cuddle with me. When I acted like a boy, she just yelled at me for my bad behavior.<br />
<br />
As I became older, I realized how important it was to behave like a sissy rather than as an obnoxious, belligerent boy. Please keep training your son; he will make a fine sissy house-husband for a woman someday.

it is Wonderful what you are doing for your son. pretty, Feminine boys are fantastic. Great Job!

I loved being a little girl for my mummy, she would dress me so pretty with ribbons in my hair and I would have hours of fun playing with my dolls with all the other little girls in the street, mum kept me as a girl untill I was 18 then I was made into a real girl, so I have never known what it like to wear boys clothes

I always love dressing in girls cloth when I was young. My Mom didn't like it thus I didn't do it in front of her. Fortunately I had an older female cousin who like me and love seeing me in girl outfits. I became her little sister and she would dress me all the time. I love spending all day in pretty girls cloth, with a pretty long blond wig, and full makeup.

that's one thing i could never understand ,when a girl wears boys jeans ,shirts or whatever it's ok .but when a man/boy dresses in girls/ladys clothing it's wrong .If i could i would walk around my home dressed .if it feels good and it isn't hurting anyone who cares .

I loved it when my mom would let me dress up, but I didn't want to wear little girl clothes, I always wanted to wear grown up things like mom did. I would wear bra & panties, stockings, high heels, lipstick, eye shadow & nail polish. Mom used to say I was 10, goin on 20 !