A Sissy Quiz

“Am I A Sissy?”
Am I A Sissy? If you think you are, you’re probably right, peaches. Go grab your panties and take the quiz to be sure!To take the quiz, grab a scrap of paper and write down your answers. The more “YES, MA’AM” answers you chose, the more of a sissy you are!
1. Have you ever worn or wanted to wear panties?
• YES Ma’am, I’m a sissy panty slave — I love knickers!
• NO, Ma’am I don’t wear panties
2. Do you secretly ********** to shemale or gay ****?
• YES Ma’am, I just love **** of all kinds!
• NO Ma’am, not a fan of weiners
3. Do you have *********** and assfucking fantasies?
• YES Ma’am, please turn me into a gay *********** sissy!
• NO Ma’am, I don’t wanna suck or ****.
4. Do you fantasize about being a sissy fuckdoll?
• YES Ma’am, please **** me out for a sissy bukkake ********!
• NO Ma’am, I just like to wear dresses and frilly panties
5. Do you want to be a sissy slave for Ms. Liz?
• YES Ma’am, I want to be your obedient sissy slave!
• NO Ma’am, I’m just here for the kinky crossdressing

What’s Your Score, Sissy?To calculate your score, give yourself one point for each “YES MA’AM” answer you marked down.
0 POINTS: MACHO MAN – Wait, what are you doing here? Hang a U-turn and try my BBW ******** listing, dude.
1-3 POINTS: ******-IN-TRAINING – Not much of a sissy, are ya? Here, read my SissyMaker blog, put on your panties, then call me for some intensive feminization
.4 POINTS: PRETTY PRANCING PRINCESS – What a little faggy queer you are, pumpkin! Work that ****-craving sissy *** and submit to training with me now!
5 POINTS: QUEEN OF QUEERDOM, THE SISSIEST OF THEM ALL – You are the pinnacle of sissydom, an absolutely shameless cumdumpster, a ****-gobbling homofag supreme! Take a bow, and then suck my strap-on while you’re down there, darling.
jamiesissycd jamiesissycd
61-65, M
10 Responses Dec 17, 2011

i scored a 5 and want to be someones sissy any takers im in florida

5 YES MA'AM... from a headstrong sissy.. ;P

im a sissy and proud of it,i got all 5 right

That is exactly how I feel. I want to live as a sissy I scored 5

5 for me sweety xxx

5 points and I love it !!!

well that makes me a sissy mmm says me sitting here in my bra and panties with my hand up my skirt.

5 points, guess im a sissy

Welcum sweetie, you will find many others here that are sissies too.

i dont know i feek about this.

Nothing wrong with that sweetie. Just enjoy and have fun, I do!

guess im a sissy