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He's big and intimidating as he lets me into his apartment.  Sitting down he just stares at me not saying anything, I begin to feel uncomfortable then realise I should be taking off my clothes.  Soon I am standing in front of him in my chemise and panties and my **** is so hard it is aching.  He starts asking me questions about what I do when I am home on my own and when I tell him he calls me a sissy **** and never to call myself a man again.

Then he asks what my younger brother does to me, I tell him I have to deep throat him while dressed in plastic baby pants.  standing up he undid his flies, making me kneel in front of him and I did what was expected of me.  While I was sucking him he told me to come dressed in nappy, baby pants and baby dress on my next visit, with just a long jacket over the top (his apartment is in the town).

I've been to see him several times now and each time he verbally and physically abuses me.  At some time in the future he is going to **** me and make me his ***** and says when he does it will hurt more than I have ever been hurt before and I will cry like a baby.  I hate pain and I am frightened each time I see him and cannot understand why I've always got a hard on and my panties or nappy is always soaking with precum. 
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because you really want to be ****** and you like servicing men"s *****


Fabulous sweetie