Sarah was made into Her Sissy **** Slave

It was Saturday morning and I decided to get my laundry done before going out for lunch. I took my stuff down stairs to the basement laundry room, loaded a washer and started the cycle. I was about to go back up to my place and wait for my things when I noticed a basket of laundry on the table. I went over and found a mix of girls and guys stuff, I guessed they belonged to the young couple in the apartment opposite mine.

I glanced around and since I was alone I could not resist reaching out and touching a skimpy pair of yellow bikini briefs. I started to imaging her lovely young body in them, her ***** pressed against the gusset, his hand making her wet. I started to feel my **** twitching. I looked around again and since I was sure I would here if anyone came down the stairs I undid my zipper and took out my ****. It felt so good in the cool air of the basement. I cupped my balls for a moment and wanted to stroke it but I didn't want to make a mess and so I looked around and found an old towel someone had left behind weeks ago. I spread it out on the counter and started to ********** again.

I held the panties to my lips, closed my eyes and imagined her sweet young ***** pressing against my mouth. Suddenly I herd a commotion, the couple were standing in the door way. The girl was furious and came towards me demanding to know what I was doing. I felt like saying "************ my **** onto this old towel while I'm sniffing your panties" well talk about asking a silly question but instead I started to stammer apologies but she said she would tell everyone what I was doing. I begged her not to and offered to do anything she wanted.

She thought for a moment and said there were a couple of things I could help with in their apparent. I was to carry their washing basket and follow them up to their place. As we went up the stairs I could not resist trying top look up her skirt, She was wearing a short pleated white shirt, almost as if she was going to cheerleader practice. I tried to catch a glimpse of her panties.

When we got inside their apartment she told me to put the basket down and *****. I stammered but she just said "I'll tell" So I hand to ***** and stand there naked in front of them. I tried to hide my prominent erection but she told me to put my hands behind my back.

Then she did something really unexpected, she reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down. They were pink but looked like the ones I'd been sniffing. She tossed them to me and told me to lick the gusset and then put them on. She said "I know you were looking up my skirt, well if you like them so much put them on you ****." I could not believe her, I was so embarrassed. I had to lick her still warm panties and then step into them. With her boyfriend watching. They were so skimpy they barely covered my balls and my **** just stuck straight up in thin air. There was a little pink satin bow in the center and I could feel it against the base of my ****. It made my **** jump and she laughed. I was so humiliated but I'd never known my **** to be so hard before not without some help from my hands.

They went and sat on their couch and told me to come over to them. She said "If you want to be a pantie wanking sissy girl, you must do some slutty girl things to prove it." She made me kneel in front of her boyfriend and undo his jeans, I had to take his **** out a stroke it. It was the first time I'd put my hands around an erection except for mine of course. I was kneel there in panties with my **** on display for all to see and touching another mans **** and loving every second of it. She smiled and knew she had a sissy slave under her control. I could feel his **** bulging in my hands. Then I had to give him a blow job while she watched. My heart was pounding knowing that this lovely young girl could see me sucking her boyfriends ****. If I'd touched my **** just once I'd have *** but I had to hold his balls with one hand and follow my lips up and down with my other hand.

When he came she made me open my mouth and show her his *** on my tongue before she let me swallow it. Then she lifted her shirt and showed me her lovely young *****. Her **** was shaved smooth and her ***** lips were wet and bloated. She made me lick her ***** until she came all over my face.

She said that since I'd been such a good sissy girl I could take off my panties and ********** into them. She was going to **** her boyfriend and watch me wanking. I think we all came within minutes. I covered her panties in my ***. She made me lick some of it off. I was tasting my own *** from the crotch of her panties. Then she had me use them to wipe off her boy boyfriend's ****. I was holding a mans **** and cleaning her juices off it. Then I wiped her ***** dry. She made me put the panties back on. They were soaked though with two men's *** and her ***** juice. I felt them all sticky against my now lip **** and balls. When I walked I felt the sliminess between my legs.

They allowed me to get dressed but before I left she warned me that if they needed anything else done they would call me. I left feeling so embarrassed but excited. I hoped they would find something they needed me to do What would they make me do next.
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Lucky sissy

Where do I find neighbours like that , I want to be a sissy sex toy.

It takes a great deal of care and then a lot of luck but when you get lucky it's womderful.

awesome story, Sarah! I love the fact that you had to wear the dirty panties after licking your *** out of them, and having them soaked with everyone's love juices!

So humiliating to stand there, wear those panties, in front of everyone and feeling their sex juce drying on my **** while they sniggered at me and my limp ****. I am hard now just remembering it.

That was the best part, having them watch me do it.

suberb story, I love that

Love your story. I used to steal panties from the dorm laundry room when I went to college. It was so exciting to JO into them. I loved rubbing the silky panties all over my ****. Sometimes I would make anamous phone calls to cords and introduce myself as "The Panty Man". Many times the coeds would play along as I told them exactly what I was doing. I had some really intend **** and quite a panty collection. Fortunately this was before the days of caller ID. I always fantasized about getting caught and having some of the things you described happen to me. Especially having to suck the boy friends **** while they watch and laugh at me and take pictures to black mail me!!!!!

I'd love a call from The Panty Man, Sarah.2CD on skype