One Time With A Guy Now I Want To Be A Sissy ****

When i was 17 i was drinking with a guy who was gay as i got drunk he started stroking my inner thighs it made me hard ,i told him to stop he put his hand on my **** and started stroking it through my trousers ,he tried to kiss me i pulled away he was looking at the bulge in my trousers he took of his trousers and lay face down on the bed with his legs spread ,i was embarassed i just sat not knowing what to say or do ,he spat on his fingers and rubbed it in to his arse and said you want to **** me ,it wont mean your gay i wont tell anybody,my **** was rock hard i unzipped my trousers got my **** out i lay on top of him and just slid it up his arse i gave him a good ******* he was biting on his pillow and moaning it turned me on i just kept ******* my **** deep in to his arse,when i finished he was hard and i sucked him of,i have never been with a guy before or after that ,but i dress in my daughters bra and panties and her slutty clothes, i want to be a mans ***** ,his sissy **** i want to feel his **** in my arse and my mouth i want to be used and ****** i would love to pleasure more than one man at a time,it makes me so hard thinking of him lifting my skirt pulling my panties to the side and riding me ,his little sissy **** ,i am now 55 and i want to be a mans little **** i will do my make up and look real slutty for him ,i want that so much..
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51-55, M
9 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Hope you get your wish

i feel really naughty but very hot when i wear my mums undies when out looking for sex m so hot being touched through her undies specially mums panties

Fabulous sweetie

so hot i am top guy i want pure bottom ..mmmm

Yeah, taking it in the rear is the only way I have sex, except oral. Once I had a man inside me I never wanted it any other way.

Nice story. Wish it would have been me in either position.

It's a wonderful feeling so try it if you want to

Wish you were here now because your story has made me very hard. I think it's really good that you wear your daughters panties!! I sort of had an experience like yours but it was with a Tgirl. Now I've become a sissy also and want **** more than anything else in my life. I J/O in panties also while watch Tgirl ****!!!

yes i know i will because i want it right up me.