Caught Again

I have been caught several times wearing plastic raincoats,rain bonnets.Anything that plastic and usually worn by girls,I will wear it.I cant stay away from it.I love how it feels and it makes me look girlish.Well I got caught again as I said.The gal I was living with told me to stay away from my fetish.Not me.One night her and a girlfriend came home early from shopping.I was in the bathroom admiring my new plastic baby panties.Well well she said.I have been waiting for this moment.So you want to be a sissy boy do you.She grabbed me by the arm and took me into her bedroom.She sat me at her dresser in front of the mirror and told her friend Janet to close and lock the door.It took the girls about an hour to transform me into a sweet little sissy girl.My girlfriend Heather told Janet about my fetish and wanted her to help dress me up.I sat there looking in the mirror with a very shocked look on my face.Heather was ready for this.She had bought all the things she need in advance knowing she would catch me soooner or later.They giggled as they put my cute frilly pink plastic dress and pink jelly shoes..They covered me with plastic salon capes and put my hair in pink curlers.The soft bonnet drier had little pink flowers on the plastic hood.They  put my hair in ringlets then put cute little pink ribbons in my hair.They did my nails and makeup.Heather and Janet were having a ball dressing me up like a little sissy girl.I was enjoying it but feeling and looking very humiliating.They removed my plastic capes and had me walk around the room.They made me curtsey and twirl around so they could see me pink plastic baby panties.I thought they were done but not to be.Heather then held up a plastic raincoat.It was a pink and a nursery print pattern.It had cute little soothers,baby bottles,teddy bears with litlle bows and ribbons on it.The girls put the raincoat on me.It was hage and just about touched the floor.I really looked sissified as they walked me closer to a large full length mirror.The girls laughed as they played with my hair and fused with my raincoat.Now sissy Stephen the final touch.Heather reached into the raincoat pocket and pulled out a rain bonnet.It matched the raincoat.She opened it up and put it over my curls.She was so gentle so not to mess my new hairdo.She tied a small bow under my chin.I started to blush when I looked in the mirror.It was a plastic rain bonnet alright.It was frilly and large.It was a  plastic baby bonnet.Janet then handed me a plastic umbrella that also match my raincoat and bonnet.I was a sight.I was very much a sissy a plastic sissy. Heather and Janet smiled as I stood there in shock and wondering what was next to come.Heather walked up to me and adjusted my bonnet.Stephen my dear and cant get over how cute you look.So cute I think I will dress you like this more often.We took several pictures and we are going to start a photo album of you on my laptop.It was Janets idea.The night is not over.It is raining outside.We have our own raincoats and rain bonnets and we are going to take you for a walk in the park.I was screwed to put it mildly.We were gone for an hour or so.When we returned I got undressed and was told to hang up my girly attire so they could use it for another time.As time went by the girls purchased several plastic outfits for me.The most embarrassing night was when the dressed me up in pink plastic baby clothes including diaapers,soothers,bottles etc.I actually looked forward to the dressups because I was not sure what to expect.I wanted to be a sissy and I got the whole nine yards.
plasticsissy plasticsissy
4 Responses Dec 11, 2012

I bet you looked so good ,sounds very special

That must have been wonderful.

You must have had a cute little erection all the time............Did you?

by far the weirdest story i have ever read on EP.... great job