Wife's Little Sissy In Garters

I am writing this story while sitting in white fish net stockings, a white garter belt and white frilly panties. My wife had me dress up to wash the floors on my hands and knees. The panties are also crotchless so my balls and little peepee are hanging out for her entertainment. Earlier today she also had me wearing a humbler while doing the floors. My balls got pretty sore but she liked the view. She also has another housecleaning outfit for me to wear quite often. (see photos) My wife has me wear panties all the time as a sign of who is in charge. Most of my panties are cotton and covered in little flowers or designs so they look like little girl's panties. I have a very small peepee (see photos) so my wife likes me to keep it shaved because only real men have hair. She uses spankings to keep me in line. Usually it is with a leather paddle or the dreaded wooden spoon. Today she also tried a leather belt. My wife does not let me *** for a number of reasons. First she says I don't listen well when I ***, second she says it is too messy, and finally she says I don't deserve to *** because I am so small. She often uses her vibrator while lying in bed. I am to stand next to her. When she ****, she squeezes my balls so we are both groaning, her in pleasure, me in pain. Then she rates the ****** from one to ten. When we get to 500 she might let me ***. Most ******* rate a six so I am not doing too well. There are a lot of advantages of having a sissy with a small peepee. She gets her housework and cooking done, she doesn't have to worry about someone else having an ******, arguements are easily settled, and a new pair of panties really makes her sissy happy.
teenieweenie2 teenieweenie2
51-55, M
Dec 26, 2012