They Called Me Sissy

I am a 25 year old male(though some prefer not to call me a man). I had always been girly (the same call me sissy) since my childhood. Always, I was into everything that was supposed to be done by girls. I dressed up barbies, followed fashion news, had tea parties with my sister's friends.. I was really close to my cousin sister. She is 2 years elder. She also was a typical girly girl. We used to gossip, we used to ***** about others.. She always used to tell me she was bi-curious.. However that fateful day changed her.. It was a saturday night 10 years ago. She was raped. It affected her psychologically. From then onwards she started to become more of a butch. She moved to the city after high school. I followed her 2 years later. I moved in with her as she wanted a room-mate and I didnt have a place to stay. I dont remember when things got really weird between us.. But we had started sleeping together.. And had started a relationship together. Strangely I was the woman in our relationship and she became the man. I started to cross dress for her. She felt that when I up dressed as a woman she felt like asserted more power over me. Its been 5 years for our relationship and I am now a housewife to my husband, my sister. I feel I was born for this relationship. I am perfectly comfortable with my sexuality, just that I feel I was born for a typical housewife's role in my relationship. And my sister is the best person I can find for it.
Simkalr Simkalr
22-25, T
Jan 10, 2013