My Story Ahead..

I had moved in with my butch cousin sister when I was 20. I am a sissy boy since I was 17.. I realised that my penis had no meaning as I dont have any use of it anymore.. It has been locked away in a chastity belt since 3 years now.. My sister is my husband and I am her housewife now.. She is the one who wears the 'pants' in the house. My role is restricted to that of a housewife. I take pride in the fact that I am a good housewife and I do all the things that I am expected to do(cooking, cleaningand other household chores). It may offend the feminists here and everywhere, but I am a catholic and I consider myself as a woman completely. It is only due to the fact that we can't afford gender reassignment surgery that we have not changed sexes. As a housewife I am always dressed in a women's attire. I don't have any men's clothing now that I don't need it. It fells really good that I can open up about our situation as there are really very few places where I can really open up without people criticising us. My chastity belt always reminds me how much of a sissy I am and how if it weren't for my sister's unconditional love for me I wouldn't have anywhere to go. She is the most wonderful person I know. I wouldn't take her name without her permission.. :)
Simkalr Simkalr
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Good for you in having a loving sister! I hope your life works out well!!

Thanks.. I hope it stays this way too.. :)