I Am A Budding **** Sucker

Miss Zanmi has told me to write about my **** sucking desires she knows that deep down I am a *********** ****** even though I have never acted on these desires and maybe never will. No one knows about these desires accept Miss Zanmi.

So as I sit here in my black stockings, black and red thong, heels and with my **** cage on I am kneeling and this is my fantasy......

The handsome, tall and strong man enters the room I am dressed in my nautiest lingerie complete with wig and makeup, im already on my knees waiting, he doesnt need to speak.
He stands in front of me and I see the bulge in his trousers already, I gently rub his **** through the fabric of his trousers and I smile as I can already tell its a large one. I unzip his trousers and and gently pull out his semi erect **** I kiss the tip as I look up into his eyes, he can see the hunger and desirein my eyes and he smiles at me and says " go on sissy, you know its what you want"
I pull the foreskin of his uncut **** back, lick my lips and wrap my painted red lips around the head of his ****, I gently moan and lick and suck his **** head all the time looking into his eyes. He has now grown to his full 8 inches and is hard as a rock, I begin to bob my head up and down slowly over tbe first few inches of it making it slick with my saliva. I feel my own clitty straining against my thong but know im here to please my man so I ignore it.
I take his rock hard **** out of my mouth and begin to lick up and down the underside of it, he unfastens his trousers and lets them fall to the ground, I hold my arms around him squeezing his *** cheeks as I suck and lick on his huge *** filled balls.
I bring my attention back to his **** and take as much into my mouth as I can, I get about halfway down his **** I stroke the remaining part of his **** as I bob my head up and down the shaft.
He hlods his hands on my head as he begins to slowly **** my mouth, I clamp my lips around his shaft and suck hard I can now taste the precum and it makes me hungry for more. He gets rougher as he slides more and more of his **** into my mouth im gagging now, my saliva running from my mouth coating his **** and balls making them shiny and slippery. Im nothing but a hole to him now, ******* my throat with the full length of his **** my makeup is ruined with the tears running down my face but I love every moment of it, I suck harder.
He quickens his pace as he moans I know he is getting close as I feel his balls tighten. He groans as he slams into my throat he holds it deep down my throat and I feel his **** twitch and the first stream of *** goes straight down my throat, he pulls out a little and I suck hard as the next streams hit my mouth, I savour the first taste of another mans *** my mohth is now full he pulls out and I swallow every drop and wipe the small stream of *** that ran down my chin back into my mouth. His now semi hard **** swings infront of me, I grab it at the base and squeeze out the last drip of *** and suck it off the tip. As he pulls his trousers up I saw "thank you for useing me as your *** dump"
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5 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Mmmm, lucky man!! I'd take a ******* from you sweety!! :)


" I am nothing but a hole to him" just love it!

very nice story

so why do you call yourself a "******". you have earned the title "**********"

Good Job you *** hungry *****.

Thank you Miss Z