Wifes Sissy

The last time my wife walked out wearing black panties and nightgown. She had this look and a hairbrush in her hand. Come here little boy I have some thing for you. Into the bedroom we went. On the bed were white panties and a schoolgirl dress. She made me undress, started kissing on me while she wispered in my ear the things she"s going to do to me. I slipped on the panties and dress. Oh how cute you look. I think its time for a spelling test. Needless to say I did'nt do very well. The next thing I know she takes out this cane and say's bend over love, you hav'nt been a good student. I feel her lift my skirt and rub my behind, this is going to hurt me alot more than it will hurt you. Swish comes the first lick, I start to plead but no go here is another one. After around 20 licks she pulls my panties down, leans over and tells me she's just getting started , wants me cry and kick like a little girl. Here they come hard and fast O my it hurts Im beging her to stop but it keeps going. The next thing I know I' crying and begging her. It must of been enough cause she stopped. Laid down beside me and rubbed my behind telling me she hopes she doesnt have to do that to often but it sure was fun. I turn over and thats when I notice the big ******* she has. To be continued

overthekneeplease overthekneeplease
6 Responses Jun 15, 2009

its good your wife Realized what you need . tel me more about your Discipline needs and Routines

What a lovely little sissy wife you are going to be. Power to the female!

Tel me more NaughtyMan . Behind a good Man is always a Better Woman . she has My Respect . davidmaher48@gmail.com

You lucky little sissy!

did u suck her strap-on and beg her to use it on you?

Please go on ..That is soo ****** hot ..you little ***** girl.I wanna strok-it and watch then have her order me up some of that disapline, cause Ive been so bad too.If you read my comments youll know why....<br />