My Sissy Boy

i have an 8 year old son and he is my sissy baby boy. This is how it started one day was in the living room on my laptop and my son said to me he was going up stairs. I few minutes later i go up to my room to put my laptop away and i see my son in my bed room with one of my t-shirts on as a dress my high heels and some of my lipgloss. I ask him what he is doing and he crys i see his clothes on the floor of my room in a pile, so i know he is naked under my shirt. i take my shirt of him and my high heels he peed on my knee. So i asked him if he wanted to be mummys little girl he started cry and nodded, i guess we will need diapers for you if you keep peeing so i put him in the bath dryed him put him some blue jeans on and a pink hoddie. We went to the shop i bought some girls goodnites and some pampers. Then i went into a shop with little girls clothes in i bought him some dresses girls t-shirts and girls leggings and some nighties for him. I saw he had peed his blue jeans so we went into the baby change i changed him from his blue jeans to diapers and some flowery legging. I said we cant have you wearing traines with your pretty dresses and girls clothes. So we went into a shoe shop i bought him some girly party shoes and girly pumps and i bought him two pairs of pink trainers as we walk home he got stared at alot be he didnt notice, he no longer gose to school he is my perminent baby girl.
thanks for listening xx
allysbabysissy allysbabysissy
26-30, F
Jan 12, 2013