Sissy Husband And I Like It

I have been married 3 years, My wife has always been outgoing, friendly and likes to have things her way.

After a year of marriage one evening after just having sex we were laying on the bed and she began to play with my ****. I was always a sucker when she had my **** in her hand, I turned to mush and she knew she could get what she wanted from me.

She dropped a bomb on me and told me she would really love to see me suck off another guy. She told me no one would ever know except us and it was something she fantizied about. I knew my wife could be a bit wild, she was the kind of girl who didn't mind standing on a table at a party and doing a striptease for the crowd but she had never said anything about this or anything like it.

She has had a couple of affairs which I was aware of and was ok with. We had talked about it before we got married, she wanted to have an occasional affair and I though that was very very hot. I didn't mind at all.

I can't tell you I had never wondered what it would be like to suck a guy's **** but I never though I would be doing it.

I don't want to write a book so I will get to the point.

She was sleeping with her boss, he was bi and she set up an evening for him to come over and we would see what happen although I had the feeling I knew what she was going to make happen.

I had seen her flirt with some guys now and then, saw her making out with a guy and even some fooling around with a couple of guys but I had never acutally seen her have sex with another guy although I really wanted to but she wouldn't allow it.

Her boss came over, after some chit chat they went to our bedroom, After a few moments she called me in.

When I walked in the room they were both naked and she was on her knee's with his **** in her hand she looked up at me and told me to come help get him hard. I was a little schocked and scared and I wasn't in any hurry. She ask if I heard her, I replied yes.

She made it clear to me that if I wanted to watch then I must do as she tells me too or I could just leave. I really was turned on when I saw her naked in front of him and on her knee's, I really didn't want to miss this so I slowly got on my knee's beside her and she guided my head and his **** to my face. She told me to just start slow by touching the tip of my tongue to his **** so I did, then after licking and kissing it for a few moments I was told to open my mouth and when I did she led his **** inside it.

I sucked his **** a couple of times that evening and I was pretty sure I had given my wife what she wanted. He treated me like his little ***** by holding my head while he was face ******* me, talked to me like I was his ***** and all the time my wife seemed to be enjoying the show.

I found myself having trouble looking my wife in the eye later but she quickly let me know how turned on she was and that we would be doing that again soon.

Now this has all progressed over the last year and she has wanted to see more of different guys treating me like their *****.

I was spanked by them, peed on, *** on, licked their ***** while they had my wife bent over, told to wear panties, thongs, bras, short shorts, stockings, a diaper and any thing else she could think of.

After a while she would get bored and think of something new like tying a string to my **** and pulling me to the bed when it was my turn to service her man.

Now the kicker to all of this is I realized I really like what were doing. I was raised by my mother and two older sisters so a woman being in charge of me is normal for me. I have alwas had a little sissy in me and even when my oldes sister would make me dress in her cloths and make-up I knew I felt good about it so I guess I just needed my wife to pull it all out of me.

I enjoy the humiliation and she has gotten very good at it, not every guy she brings over will have anything to do with me, most of them don't like sissy's but there are a couple that love to humiliate me in front of her and I love when it happen.

Quick very short story. I got a call one day to meet her and her boss at a motel down the street at lunch, I was instructed to wear my sexy clothes, I wasn't sure what was planned but she most likely just got in the mood to see a show, I put on a skin tight purple dress, heels, purple thong and purple thigh highs and a pair of silicone boobs my wife had bought for me.

Driving there was not a problem, I had a windbreaker on so no one could see what I was wearing, as long as I didn't get stopped by the cops I was alright. When I got to the motel, that was a problem, I had to get out of the car in public dressed like a hooker and stand at the door until they opened it which seemed to take several minutes. They had started with out me and she told me to just sit and wait.

They finished without asking me for anything, then my wife told me now we will have our fun. She told me to lay on the bed, her and her boss tied both my hands and feet to the bed, They then got dressed and headed out of the room. Their plan was to check out and leave me there dressed like a woman until the maid found me. it took a couple of hours but she did find me, gasp as she saw me , closed the door and a few minutes the Manager and his wife came.

She waited at the door until he untied me. It was the most humiliated I had ever been and at the same time I thought it was brilliant of them to think of that.

Sucking another man's **** while dressed in a mimi skirt, thigh highs and heels is truly amazing to me.

I understand my wife has taken control of me and has some strange request for me but I for one enjoy serving her and fulfilling her needs.

Thanks for reading, any questions please ask, I will be totally honest with my answers.

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I wish my wife was so wild. I am not attracted to men, but would do anything she asked. Dress me up, make me suck and let them use me, or just watch. I'd do it all!

Sounds like the two of you were made for each other.

i can relate. Though i cannot say i always enjoy beng taken by my Wifes Men, i have to admit there are times i enjoyed it if for no reason other than it turned on my Wife. Once in a while i truly turn into a gurl and just accept i am to be used as a plaything by my Wfie or Her Men.

Wow, you got yourself a wild woman there sissy. I hope you can hang on to her cause it sounds like it could be a lifetime of fun!

That's the ideal wife. One who has multiple BF's and dresses her man in sissy clothing.

wow sooo hot!!

Hot story!!

I am not gay. I do it for my wife because it turns her on. If you tried to pick me up in a club I absolutly would tell you to go away because I don't like guys but if my wife told me to go with you then I would. Not because I want to but because she told me to and I do as she says. If you like your wife having the power then it makes it even better if she wants you to do something you don't like.

Yes being turned into a homosexual by your wife would be so wonderful. My gay sissy **** is so hard now!!!!

Oh to be the naughty sissy she has made you! thanks for the post...