My Sissy Story

I have identified more with girl than boys for as long as I can remember. I was an only child, and I think my mom really wanted a girl. I can't say I was petticoated, but mom dressed me as a girl on more that a few occasions. The first that I have memories was when I was 5 or 6. I don't know what happened. to my clothes. I might have had an accident in my pants(I was somewhat prone to waiting too long and wetting my pants) or I could have just gotten really muddy while playing with my cousin Jane. Anyhow, we were at my aunts, and for some reasom, I wound up wearing one of Jane's dresses home. Halloweens were another occasion when mom put a dress on me. I came to look forward to those times. Later, i still liked playing with girls and had my own drink and wet doll. Mom would let me wear a dress when I played with my doll.When I got my first paper route. I bought my first panties.I wore them nearly daily.

I played linebacker in high school, but secretly I would have rather been a cheer leader. I loved their uniforms. I still wore panties except at school, and by then had my own skirts and dresses. By then I was also into diapers, and I guess I was a TB. But even as a big baby, I wanted to be a baby girl. I envied the pretty ruffled panties I saw over baby girl's diapers.

My love of diapers and crossdressing cost me my marriage. To quote my ex, " I want a real man, not some sissified baby girl/guy." Today, I am retired and live alone. I dress in lingerie much of the time, and wear skirts or dresses much of the time. I'm a slightly overweight guy with a beard, so I can't pass as a woman, but I often wear a bra and panties under male clothes. As for the diapered sissy side of me, I have several pairs of those pretty ruffled panties to wear under my baby dresses.
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Wish I had ruffled plastic panties to wear over my diapers!