Conversion To Feminization

I'm a35 year old separated married man who for many years has been attracted to experiencing sex as a sissy.My wife told me very early in our relationship that she was in no way receptive to being a part of these activities and as a result we went our separate ways.After about six months I got friendly with a woman who wasabout 15 years older than me.The friendship started when I assisted her in a supermarket carpark to change aflat tyre.Over the next few weeks we had lots of discussions about all kinds of things and eventually the subject of my sexuality came to the surface.She was amazingly insightful and told me that she'd identified what I needed almost as soon as we'd met.She immediately convinced me to grow my hair and took me to a ladies hairdresser for a female hairdo at the same time she got another woman to pierce my ears.Almost straight away I was keen to proceed down the path to sissyhood which she skillfully navigated for me. In short order She had me wearing womans lingerie and taking large doses of female hormones,within a couple of months all my masculinity drained away and all I wanted was to be used like a feminized ****.By this stage Iwas ready to do anything and when she introduced alarge stappon ***** I knew I was going to experience what I'd always desired.
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I want to be feminized too. I am also a sissy guy

Great story!
I'm a domi­nant femal­e who rece­ntly found­ out I hav­e a crossd­ressing si­ssy husban­d and it h­as transfo­rmed our s­ex life fo­r the bett­er. I've ­written a ­story abou­t catching­ him in th­e act and ­the humili­ation I pu­t him thro­ugh when I­ did...go to and search for Eva Fox Sissy Husband - enjoy!

I am sure you are still enjoying the strap ons etc.. You are on such a sissy *** hole...

Amazing story, it's what all us girls would like

Amazing, I wish that had happened to me

Hormones take much longer than 2 months to feminize a guy. I know. I'm on them 2 years now.<br />

Sounds more like a dream, than reality

Well the ***** was something I would want asap as well as wearing girly satin, hormones is another thing, but I hope your happy