My Life As A Sissy : Part 2

Thank you sooooo much for the kind messages and encouragement To continue, so I was 13 and at an all boys school ... it became quite a regular thing for me to go my friend, Chris's, home at the weekend (his parents were generally away in the country and his sister, Lyn, was usually out and busy with her friends). While Chris would pour through the magazines I would coax him out of his pants, stroke his **** and make him ***. I really didn't find the magazines he was looking at all that exciting but I just loved what the girls were wearing - bras, panties, lingerie, stockings and oh ... the high heels One Saturday afternoon I told Chris that I really liked the girls clothes and did he want me to try on some of his sister's clothes and then it would be like a girl playing with his **** - not too much to my surprise he liked this idea and we went into Lyn's room to see what we could find. We started going through her drawers and cupboards and found some of her underwear - I ******** off and tried to get into one of her bras but it was too small but we had a little more joy with a pair of her panties - they were tight but I could just about get into them. Next, I tried one of her school skirts - again, a bit tight and couldn't fasten it properly but I was so excited I didn't really care. Chris lost a bit of patience here and wanted to go back to the magazine and so we returned to his room and I gave him a long, slow ******* and watched him shoot ... at the time, this was just wonderful. I took off Lyn's panties and skirt but I knew that I wanted to dress again really, really soon.

The school week dragged quite a lot but word had gone around the older boys that I was really willing to play with **** and I got several offers to go with guys to the gym changing rooms or behind the buildings and stroke their ***** and make them ***. I really enjoyed this but wanted - really really wanted - to be dressed as a girl while wanking them.

I had arranged to go to Chris's house the next Saturday and before going I stole a pair of my mother's stockings - I thought I could wear these with one of Lyn's skirts and be ever so girlie and off I went.

Chris had a new magazine and I got back into Lyn's panties, my mom's stockings (nothing to hold them up - which was a problem I hadn't seen at the time !!!!) and another of Lyn's skirts (still too small to fasten properly). I was so excited I was shaking ... it all felt so good ... dressed up and stroking a **** .... about 5 minues later .... Lyn walked in and found me wearing some of her clothes and playing with her brother's **** .... to be continued.
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Wow what a way to spent weekends!

mmmm nice please continue with your story.

MMM please finish it was just getting hot!

Oh qtsis, please continue with your experiences. This story is making me hard! Mmmmmmm!