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My Sisters Sissy

When I was seven I started spending summers in Michigans Upper Penninsula with my much older unmarried sister who I adored for getting me out of my Fathers abusive reach. She was always my cool sister as she always had a new convertable, always dressed nice, always pretty.
She picked me up the day after school let out for the summer and she had the top down as we took off to her home up north, several hours later we arrived and she said we would get my things out of the car later, after dinner. I helped her in the kitchen making salad and a pot of noodles for her wonderful sauce. We ate and small talked about school and my friends and how she will try to make it so I won't miss them, when we were done we did the dishes and went for a tour of the house and my room.
At the top of the stairs there was a room of pink and white, she had said it was the daughters room of the previous owner and did I mind sleeping there and not knowing any better I said it was ok. We then went to the car to get my things and my sister said the key would not work in the trunk, she tried several times.
My sister then ask me if I would mind wearing something else to sleep in, just for tonight? confused I said ok. Before I knew it she was giving me a bubblebath, patting me dry and sliding a pair of smooth, slippery nylon Barbie Panties and a pink matching babydoll nighty. I felt weird, I felt cute like the way she called me that. I became her daughter that night and for many more to come.
prettylace prettylace 56-60, M 130 Responses Nov 14, 2010

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so sweet! so lucky! had fun snowed in up in maine when i was little- still luv petticoats and all that frilly fun stuff

sounds wonderful xxx

Oh so lucky

Will your sister adopt me hun? xox

that is so sweet honey so nicce your sister usedyou as her daughter

cool sister !

Aw, that is just soooo sweet baby 😘
Nikki xxx

Sooooo wonderful!

so tell us how it went your so lucky please tell more

Wow sweetie you are so lucky to have someone so caring ,your experience has made me cry xxxxx

Such a sweet and lovely story!! I'll admit I'm jealous, I wish I'd have had that happen to me when I was young. :)

I hope you remember her on Mothers day, at least a card or nice bath salts basket. :)

oh u lucky sissy

a lovely sister and nice story

Oh you lucky little girl

I love to wear panties !!
Iam on the sissy side too..

I love wearing panties too!!

That is so wonderful. I am so very happy for you and am sure you enjoyed every second of it.

Your story sounds like my ex-boy friend, Bobby's sister. His sister dressed him at age 5. He wore girls clothes all his life and in his mind he is a girl.

Jennylee.... what was your relationship with your ex b/f like.. given that you said he wore girls clothes.. and in his mind was a girl. Did you enjoy him often as your girl?
Did you see him dressed often? I'd love to hear more if you're willing. Mail me if you like.

please add more stories

yes that story was so good,,, I was daydreaming of being in your shoes,,, so lovely.

very nice, im sure you had a great time

Wow you're so very lucky to have such a sweet and caring sister. I wish I would have had that chance. Thank you for sharing.

so lucky. my sis got me started, then got so won't even be4n to discuss any, just goes to churchland. i do have a wonderful lady friend i get to visit now n then

How respectful she is; she may become scared if she finds a male that understands her & dresses our way, hun. xox

isn't that the truth..

What a beautiful, understanding Sis you have hun. xox

Doe she still dress you and have play time together.

Most sweetest transformation story i've ever read

very jealous


yes sweety, it is a very nice story.

What a fantastic sister you have! Look after her she is pure gold!!

What good fortune

How lucky!

a good story and a better sibling relationship

Awesome, you're so lucky, wish she had done that to me !

Great story love it hunny

What a great opportunity for you girl....Such a sweet sister...
Louise CD

it is great to have older sisters that sometimes help. things that i don't remember but have found out that when i was small all my sisters would dress me to be their little sister. guess that is how i got started deep in my brain.

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mmmm sounds very nice, makes me hot and horny thinking about it

sexy post! :)

Afroerotik...... That's a very graphic yet telling vision of how many of us white men would love to be transformed. Do you have any real time experience in what you've described up above? That is.. and you are truly erotiK

Yes, I'm very versed in dominating white bois. I'm quite exceptional at it if I must say so myself.

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I'd love to read more about your life after that night!

I am trying to do that but its not an easy thing for me :-)

How has this affected your life since?

Its made me a much better and understanding person :-)

Thanks everyone Donna

this is a sweet story !!!!!!!!!! have a great evening !

Thank you!

My sister did something like that but we where still at home she is two years older than me . We were about 6 and she was 8 but I still rember her putting her pantys on me and a really frilly dress with a lot of ruffles under it my feet were small so her shoe were a little big then we went down stairs and my mom said how pretty I was.

Donyca... did you dress often with your sister.. seeing that Mom enjoyed that?.. did that have an effect on you later in life. I'd love to hear more.

Great start. Would love to here the rest of it.

Wonderful history. I have always wanted to have an older sister.

Nice story. Wish I'd have known your sister along time ago. :)

Me and my sister used to be like that!!! XXXXX

My sister who was only 4 years older then me and her friends would dress me up too at first I did not like it but soon to enjoy being dressed up

Very nice. Would love to read more about you and your sister.

Older sisters can be Puer Gold! Love her and let her know hoe happy she maks you!

Love it!

"I felt weird, I felt cute like the way she called me that."
What did she call you? Thanks for sharing your story. Hope to read more.


Thanks, She called me prettylace :-)

Would love to hear more ;)

Read this a few times...sigh ;-)

Cool, mmm still live with sis? Or play with sis?

How wonderful!
What a beautiful experience!


Everyone needs a cool sister like that. Do you still talk to her? How old were you? Did it arouse you to be dressed as her daughter?

That is so cute, that your sister pretended she couldn't get your clothes out of the trunk and then made you dress in female clothes! Absolutely adorable! Hope you enjoyed it, and can't wait to hear how the rest of the summer went!

Sweetie, I'm still your #1 fan & devoted sissy sister. I'm supposed to be back in the mid-west area in late July. I'd love to make love to you just like before. I'm wearing the pink robe you bought me. My snoopy son caught me wearing it once before..... no matter, I love it, & YOU! All my kisses & love, Your sissy Beth.

I hope she paraded you around for her friends and made you pleasure yourself in front of them too.

Tell us more event that happened with your sister.

Thank you, for sharing your wonderful story and for adding me

Awesome awesome! I would have melted at the thought of more times together with her

You were so blessed to have a sister to take you away from the abuse and raise you like she did! I know what you went through,my father was the same.

cool story :)

That is just soo cute sweetie! I sure hope she got you lots and lot of very pretty panties? I love the feel, the pretty colors, the lace or ruffles, or just pretty bows, and I wear panties every single day of my life and I just love them!! I also wear other ladies pretty thing with my panties, I'm just a "BIG SISSY" and I love it !!!!

Hi pppabdl2dipme2. My name is lisa54.Im a cd and have been all my life. I like ruffles and lace panties and other things. I wear what ever a lady wears. I hope we can be friends.

that must have been great.

Great sister, you should really appreciate her. Everybody should have one like her.

Hi prettyiace. My name is lisa54 that is a good story I wish it would hapen to me that sounds like a good night sleep. with love.

That would have been a dream come true for me.

I would have loved that

your a lucky man i know its true but very rare have a good life cheers dave in england

love to hear more about this story

prettylace Ithink your sister is realy a cool sister to have. I wished I had a sister like that.I used to live in Pennsylvania I moved to colorado for a job and live my life as a female at least try.I wished I had a friend to have fun with like you.and others. But Im not complaining. Istill enjoy my life.I hope we can keep in touch.lisa54 with love.

cute story hope it is still working out with you both of you

i am a full time girl i dress and live as a female 24/7.i have long blonde hair and real natural <br />
46-DD breasts. (check out my photo album ).I go out in public dressed as a female everyday of my life.

that sounds wonderful please let us hear more.

when was a kid i wandered what would it be like to be dressed as a girl same time i steel do is their same thing wrong with me

You have vanished and left behind a problem. There are a lot of us that rely on each other for encouragement. You are in that group. If you are still out there isn't it time after two years to finish the story you started and prommised more to cometo give us that more to come?

Great to have an understanding sis...

my sister dominated me too.

I used to put on mums bras and my sisters panties and dress when i was a young kid and it felt great. I wish I had the chance these days.

hi i am adult sissy baby and i am my wifes sissy baby and she likes to dress me in my baby frilly pink dresses and maching pink baby panties and maching bonnets then she will smile and say i look nice and lovly from baby glencoe2

I never had a sister. I love your story.


Great story can't wait to hear more. It must be great to have older sisters who understand and accept us for what we are

my wife dresses me in my pink baby dresses so i am my wifes baby girly and my wife is my mommy247 and i her babysissybaby she likes to dress me in maching dresses and baby panties and maching bonets from baby glencoe2

How meny of us started our lifestyle in this way. My story would be nearly the same words.<br />
I am as Happy for you as I am for myself for becoming what we are today in this way.<br />
Kisses to you Sista<br />

Are there any ladies in Mass nh or even maine that would help me dress and fem me?<br />
I really wnt to be your sissy <br />

P.S. to the above<br />
Hate to bring it up, but where were you over in 'nam?? I was in Saigon for a short time then went to DaNang for a month or so than to Pleiku which is were I stayed for the remainder.

I was pretty much everywhere in country, I was a Navy Corpsman on a Medivac team my whole tour, I've always looked at it like a real crappy job so no problem binging it up Hugs

Prettylace<br />
Your story is SOOOO sweet, I loved it. I have always wished that I had a bigger sister, but I didn't so all I could do was dream.<br />
One of my stories tells about my two girl cousins that I had who, when baby sitting me, would dress me as a girl and walk me around the neighborhood, but I was real young and just remember bits a pcs.<br />
Really loved your story.<br />

hi and thanks .what a lovelly story. I t has really brought a lot of responce. I will write more later.x