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My Sisters Sissy

When I was seven I started spending summers in Michigans Upper Penninsula with my much older unmarried sister who I adored for getting me out of my Fathers abusive reach. She was always my cool sister as she always had a new convertable, always dressed nice, always pretty.
She picked me up the day after school let out for the summer and she had the top down as we took off to her home up north, several hours later we arrived and she said we would get my things out of the car later, after dinner. I helped her in the kitchen making salad and a pot of noodles for her wonderful sauce. We ate and small talked about school and my friends and how she will try to make it so I won't miss them, when we were done we did the dishes and went for a tour of the house and my room.
At the top of the stairs there was a room of pink and white, she had said it was the daughters room of the previous owner and did I mind sleeping there and not knowing any better I said it was ok. We then went to the car to get my things and my sister said the key would not work in the trunk, she tried several times.
My sister then ask me if I would mind wearing something else to sleep in, just for tonight? confused I said ok. Before I knew it she was giving me a bubblebath, patting me dry and sliding a pair of smooth, slippery nylon Barbie Panties and a pink matching babydoll nighty. I felt weird, I felt cute like the way she called me that. I became her daughter that night and for many more to come.
prettylace prettylace 56-60, M 141 Responses Nov 14, 2010

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so tell us how it went your so lucky please tell more

Wow sweetie you are so lucky to have someone so caring ,your experience has made me cry xxxxx

Such a sweet and lovely story!! I'll admit I'm jealous, I wish I'd have had that happen to me when I was young. :)

I hope you remember her on Mothers day, at least a card or nice bath salts basket. :)

a lovely experience. Be careful - if I had pics of myself dressed as a girl/sissy at that age then I would keep them to myself.

any pictures of you in your panties?

oh u lucky sissy

a lovely sister and nice story

Oh you lucky little girl

I love to wear panties !!
Iam on the sissy side too..

I love wearing panties too!!

That is so wonderful. I am so very happy for you and am sure you enjoyed every second of it.

Your story sounds like my ex-boy friend, Bobby's sister. His sister dressed him at age 5. He wore girls clothes all his life and in his mind he is a girl.

Jennylee.... what was your relationship with your ex b/f like.. given that you said he wore girls clothes.. and in his mind was a girl. Did you enjoy him often as your girl?
Did you see him dressed often? I'd love to hear more if you're willing. Mail me if you like.

do you still wear those kind of clothes?

please add more stories

yes that story was so good,,, I was daydreaming of being in your shoes,,, so lovely.

very nice, im sure you had a great time

What a beautiful lovely post. Your sister is a wonderful lady.

Wow you're so very lucky to have such a sweet and caring sister. I wish I would have had that chance. Thank you for sharing.

so lucky. my sis got me started, then got so won't even be4n to discuss any, just goes to churchland. i do have a wonderful lady friend i get to visit now n then

How respectful she is; she may become scared if she finds a male that understands her & dresses our way, hun. xox

isn't that the truth..

What a beautiful, understanding Sis you have hun. xox

oh wow that sounds sooo awesome!

Doe she still dress you and have play time together.

Most sweetest transformation story i've ever read

very jealous


yes sweety, it is a very nice story.

What a fantastic sister you have! Look after her she is pure gold!!

What good fortune

How lucky!

a good story and a better sibling relationship

Awesome, you're so lucky, wish she had done that to me !

Great story love it hunny