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Lingerie Shopping Humiliation

My wife knows that I am a cross dresser and enjoys embarrassing me. She has me get dressed in compete lingerie.......Panties, bra, stockings, girdle with garters.. She picks out one of my shirts, making sure it is light colored and thin enough to show my bra clearly....but I then get to cover it up with a sweater. She takes me to the mall and chooses a Dept store lingerie dept to shop in. We move through the panties, bras, slips and shapewear looking for deals. When she finds things she may want me to buy, she makes me hold them. Soon an am holding partines, bras and other lacey things. If a clerk comes up to offer help, she makes it clear that we are shopping for me.....which leads to giggles. Once she asked the clerk to measure my chest, which was very embarrassing. If I hesitate or get impatient, she threatens to make me take off my sweater so I obey meekly. As we get close to finishing she often makes me take off my sweater so everyone can see my bra clearly, then she has me take the dainty things to the check out. During check out I have to mention that the items are for me which starts a very embarrassing conversation with the female clerks about how nice they will look on me. It is all very humiliating but, in the end, I love it......and we wrap up with great love making, with me still in my lingerie.
Sissy916 Sissy916 41-45, M 4 Responses Jan 30, 2011

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This is great.<br />
<br />
My wife has a friend who works at VIctoria Secrets. I hope someday she will humiliate me by telling her friend that we are shopping for bras and panties to feminize me with.


Great story, my Wife knows that I wear silk lingerie and silk nighties in bed and does not mind.<br />
We shop together and when we buy lingerie and the shop girl comments, that the sizes are different,my Wife says that is his stuff and that is my stuff hence the size difference.<br />
Most department store staff rarely comment, but in some smaller shops the girl will say that is awfully nice.

You are soooo lucky...