A Young Boy

As a young boy my father would beat me for being a sissy. We lived down the road from a flower nursery and the lady who owned it gave me some flowers to plant so I went home and planted them, when my father got home he blew a gasket. He pulled up the flowers and began to beat me saying no son of his was going to plant flowers. Once he made me fight a neighborhood kid who was bigger than me and bullied me all the time. The kids who witnessed it said it lasted for about 45 minutes. I had to black eyes, a busted lip and a shattered soul all because i wasn't masculine enough for him. How I wish I had the internet back then so I would know I wasn't the only one like me, I Am a Sissy and I'm PROUD to be a SISSY because that's what I am. To all the young people going through what I went through you are not alone. It's okay to be a sissy, a ***, a femm or anything else those people who bully you might call you as long as your being true to yourself. I'm looking for friends to talk to and if you need someone to talk to I'm here for you:)
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I see your pain! I am a good listener!

that's so cool that you would let young peaple talk with you, I wish I had had a old sissy to talk to.

Well said. I had mean siblings and their friends that teased me for being a sissy. I was pressured into fighting other boys and I always lost. Be who you are and be proud of it. There are thousands of us sissies out in the world to support each other. Maybe we should start are own community?

The internet has often been credited with isolating people because we stay in and spend our time on the computer instead of physically interactiong. This may be true for many, but for people who already felt alone and isolated, the internet can be a source of great comfort and freedom.<br />
<br />
(((HUGS))) You are not alone luv, we are all here for you.

Sorry my android cut me off. Anyway she talks of me wearing her dress, and Lingerie and taking me with a *******. I am always here if you need to talk.

I feel bad for you. I was an only child to a strong willed alpha single mom. She knew I tried on her clothes and makeup but never said anything. When I was older I went and married a dominant alpha female. She helps pick some of my clothing I have a mixture of male and female clothing. My Shoes are always women's. I am short and have a small foot. I am 5'4" and my bride is 5'9". I do all housework and cooking. One of her favorite past times is to get one of my Ladies Keds sneakers and smack my bare bottom until it is bright red and I start crying. The loud pock that echoes while I am being disciplined. Is intoxicating. After 21+ years we discover something new every day. She says she is going to put me in one of

And I thought I had it bad, I stayed in the closet until I was 40.<br />
I grew up as a 'boy', being as mocho as I could, always getting dirty fixing, tearing apart, or building something. I hated my life, so I tried to keep myself bussy so as not to think about how bad I wanted/needed to be a girl.<br />
Kisses Sista<br />

to bad your dad couldn't just accept you for what you really are ( a good son who just happens to be a sissy) hope your relationship with him is better and would love to chat with you sometimes . you seem like a nice person .

Willing to chat anyime honey

I'll chat any time we are both on line if you think I can help.