I Am A Sissy

how did I come to this? it started as a crutch, a way to feel comfortable with myself and the acts that were forced upon me so many years ago...a way to still live within my skin while being another playtoy ... but then something changed and I grew to love the feel of being feminine, of having silky panties cover my shaved skin, the feel of unrolling a pair of stockings up freshly shaved legs, of the swish of the dress as I walked in heels..through the years I have thrown away countless wardrobes, vowed I would never again succumb to the temptation but alas I cannot deny myself the pleasure and the pain any longer ... I am a Sissy and I am proud

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I hope to one day be as confident as you are.

Tami, i am so sorry that you were abused but so proud of you for surviving it and embracing what you've become. Your true nature reveals itself by you trying to help others struggling to understand themselves, be proud, chin up, chest out, you are a being of light!

thank you jennifer ..i am proud of what i am and who i have become

Tami, Love yourself and who you are. Embrace it , enjoy it and allow yourself to become happy. I have been through it also honey

csgwen - I do embrace it everyday..even though society and some misguided sould would not want me to .. I have accepted myself as the woman I have always been and I also know that if I can help another who is struggling with this issues with my story than I have done what I was placed here for

I was the opposite. I had acts put on me as well from the time I was ten until I was twenty. However, due to my religion and profession. I am a pastor. I could not live that kind of lifestyle. <br />
<br />
When we look at the Bible Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because of the sin of sodomy. In each of us there are tendencies that we deal with. I also know your struggles. I am not going to hate you because of your struggles.<br />
<br />
I am not even going to hate you if you choose a different path than what I have chosen. When we walk by the flesh and I am included in this; we cannot make the choices needed to walk in the spirit. <br />
<br />
Only Christ can deliver us from our sinful nature. But here is what I struggle with.<br />
<br />
When the DNA or some other biological defect causes someone to live the homosexual lifestyle. Trust me I do understand more than you know. What worked for me was Jesus Christ. Not everyone will agree with me. I do not expect you to agree with me. <br />
<br />
I am not going to lie to you from the Bible. I am not perfect from myself. I even have issues. I have professed those issues even to my congregation. Please do not hate me because I believe differently or want to live a different lifestyle. I will not judge you or hate you because you choose a different path.

TheSpiritWindHunter: thank you for your comments but again you know not the beast that has been placed upon my path .. i am glad you do not try to quote the bible nor any other book because I am afraid after countless years of study I may know it better than most and it is, as all recollections are, merely an interpretation .. I also believe in God but not in the hypocrisy that has been done in His name, nor the bastardization of His word, all books are subject to the whims, prejudices and outright lies of the author (or authors) the translators and even those who purport to know the divine meaning .. live your life as you see fit, believe what you care to as will I ... I only know that without coming to grips with myself, expressing my inner feelings fully and manifesting those feelings am I happy and able to survive the remainder of my days
And a last thought - I am deeply offended that you assumed that because I am a sissy I am also a homosexual ... I am not - that does not mean that I find any sexual act offensive other than rape between two consenting adults

Dressing like a woman, if you are a man, a woman dressing like a man is a sin. I did not say that you were a homosexual. I am not here judging.

I am not going to quote the scriptures to you although I have been taught to me since I was seven, and yet you might know them better than me.

If you do not want to accept the Bible as God's authority I understand this. Yes people do get different interpretation on reading the Bible.

I cannot know what it is like for you totally I just know what helped me. I am sorry if you thought I was assuming you were a homosexual. I was just dealing it from my perspective because I was raped and therefore, during those times I was a homosexual. I dressed up to a degree. According to the Word of God these are both sins; well at least as the way I have studied. It is not any worst of a sin than lying or stealing. But I am going to stay connected to my principles and will not judge you for yours. I am not really trying to preach only to give testimony.

Thank you Mandy for not judging us as SO many religious zealots do. i was neither abused nor molested but have chosen the path that i have an am prepared to live with the consequences of those choices. I believe there is a difference between spirituality and religion and despise religions for the damage they have caused in the name of "God" over the millenia. Even if i'm a gay sissy, i chose to lead a moral life and not bring harm to others or judge others unless they are harming someone. What i do in bed with a Man may be immoral in the eyes of some, but is it more immoral than someone who goes to church every Sunday and is "straight", yet abuses a child?

You are absolutely right concerning that issue and others. It is sin according to God's Word but nothing worst than anything I have ever done and am doing now.

God still loves us in spite of what we do. I am glad that you are leading a moral life as you see fit and for that I commend you.

As I recall Jesus said that none of us are good and that we all fall short of the glory of God. So which sin do you want to be put down to thrown you in the pit of fire, hell? Any ONE will do. It is only by the GRACE of Jesus that we escape that fate. I'm a sinner, I fight it every day. ONLY by his grace do I escape that fate.

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It can be difficult finding one's true self. You have plenty of company & many of us have gone through the same agonizing conflict. Self acceptance is healthy. Enjoy!

thank you janusatv