Little Sissy

I'm a sissy, a little girl sissy that sometimes wets her pretty panties. When I do, mommy puts me in thick cloth diapers with pastel colored plastic panties. I wear thick diapers and gerber plastic pants at night. When I awake, mommy decides if I wear panties or dydees for the day.I love to wake up Sundays when mummy always puts me in pretty nylon ruffle butt panties and my prettiest dresses for Sunday school. I want to be a toddler for life.
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i grew up with a reason to be diapered 24/7 for the rest of my life. so, my mom felt that i would be better off learning how to life as a little girl. which i learned to appreciate at an early age. and when puberty made it's explosive first *********** of *** all over my mom's hand and arm, during a diaper changing. from then on, i LOVED being diapered and dressed in little girl's petticoated dresses, right on up until my mom passed away, when i was almost 19.<br />
and that included being specially diapered and dressed for church every sunday, in really pretty short petticoated dresses that exposed my frilly rhumba style diaper covers. several of which i still fit into and wear out and about occaisionally, because my mom handmade them to fit me when i was in my late teens. i have a couple of photos taken of me out while wearing them, in my ep profile photo albums here. <br />
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thanks for sharing and bringing fond memories back.<br />
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God Bless and keep you safe.<br />
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me too darling