Sissy Sex At The Drive In.

I remember when I was a teenager many years ago we used to go to the drive-in theatre almost every weekend during the summer. It was the best thing to do if you didn´t have a party to crash or money to spend at clubs. It was also the best place to have sex if you couldn´t afford a hotel room. I particularly remember one night when a few of my classmates and I went to watch a double feature and in one of the cars parked near our own was this girl everyone knew was always extremely horny. About 15 min into the movie, the boy who was with her came into our car and saying that she was just insatiable and that she wanted to take us all. Everyone jumped from their seats at the opportunity of ******* this girl and after several minutes of intense arguing we all decided to take our turn alphabetically. As it turned out I was to be the last one but deep down I didn´t mind. Actually I was glad because although I pretended to be the typical hormonal macho teen, in my intimacy I was really a sissy who instead of doing this girl really wished I could be her. Oh! To have all those boys taking turns to **** me in the back seat of a Buick. That´s what I really wanted. Besides, I was really worried at what she would say when she saw my tiny ****. Fortunately that night the movie finished just about when my turn was coming up and I was spared the embarrassment.
Now we fast forward about 12 years. It was a Saturday night and I wasn´t doing anything when a friend of mine came by and suggested going to see a film at a drive-in. It was one of those silly teen sexy movies with a lot of bikini´s & boobs. Not much of a plot but a lot of skin. So here I am parked with my friend (whom I secretly had a crush on) watching the movie when suddenly on a sexy scene my friend put his hand momentarily on my thigh just above the knee while commenting: ¨Wow look at that ***, man!¨. I was startled by his touch and felt my blood rush to my groin! I just agreed with him and kept my eyes on the screen. What little interest I had on the movie evaporated with his touch. And I just wanted to feel his touch again. I covertly moved my left leg towards him a little and surely on another sexy scene he repeated the move. This time a little higher and squeezing my leg a bit. I responded by spreading my legs slightly apart like a good sissy thus moving my leg closer to him and placing my hand on his thigh while commenting something like: ¨ Yeah, that´s some ***…¨ This play went on for a little while. His hold on my leg staying slightly longer each time and I reciprocating with secret arousal. Then, as I was about to take my hand away from his thigh, he softly took hold of it and guided it to his crotch. My heart skipped a beat! He had made his move and my excitement went up tenfold as I felt his warm bulge on the palm of my hand. I was literally trembling with excitement as I had fantasized of having sex with my friend since I could remember. As he pressed my hand to his crotch I squeezed lightly at the contours of his quickly growing ****. I knew he was packing a pretty good sized **** for I had, on several oportunities caught quick glances at it in the gym locker room or while taking a leak here and there on different outings. For a while we silently caressed each other´s crotches with our eyes fixed blindly at the drive-in screen that loomed past the windshield. For some time now we had stopped following whatever plot the movie had as our minds and hearts were mesmerized by what we were holding in each other´s hands. Then my friend unbuckled his belt, pulled his zipper down and revealed his gorgeous erect **** to me. Movie? What movie! From that moment on I didn´t look back at the screen again. I just couldn´t take my eyes off the beautiful **** I held in my hand. It was at least 7 and a half in., of uncut meat rising out of a thick mound of pubic hair. The foreskin still partially covered the head until I slid my hand down the shaft and peeled it back to expose a beautiful purple-pink head. Our eyes met as I looked up at his face, not believing this was really happening. Without saying a word he put his arm around my shoulder and leaned towards me as I tilted my head with my lips parted to receive him in the most passionate kiss I had ever had with a man. He kissed me for what seemed like hours. His tongue swirling around mine inside my slightly open mouth. Our lips sealed together as we explored each other. He began to fondle my belt loose while I helped him with my free hand to unzip my fly, never for a moment letting go of his throbbing ****. He reached in my pants to grab my little penis when, without warning or sign I climaxed. I tried to hold back but it was useless. I exploded prematurely, shooting several loads of sissy *** and bathing his hand with my warm cream as he continued to stroke softly my wet little sissyclit. My soft moans barely audible as our mouths were still locked in place. ¨I´m sorry¨, I whispered. ¨I couldn´t hold back¨ I´m just too excited and…¨ He kindly stopped me from finishing the sentence with his index finger to my lips. ¨Shh, don´t worry Eddie¨ he said warmly while still squeezing my **** for the last few drops. ¨I´m happy to have made you ***¨. I smiled shyly and kissed him again softly as I squeezed his ****. I wanted him so badly. I wanted to blow him so much. I asked him to slide his seat back so I could pleasure him. As soon as he complied I bent down and went for his ****. He inclined his seat a couple of notches as I wrapped my moistened lips around the head of his penis. Umm! The aroma was delightful. May the ladies pardon me but, a man´s **** tastes and smells so much better than *****. While holding his **** firmly at the base I licked all along the shaft and back to the head, puckering my wet lips at the base of the helmet, swirling the tip of my tongue around the magic spot. Squeezing softly I slid my hand up his trobbing **** to be rewarded with a few drops of precum which I quickly licked. Then I opened wide and took in all **** I could handle. I was still inexperienced at ******** but I tried to deep throat as much as I could, gagging a couple of times during the attempts. He seemed to enjoy this a lot! Now I was really into it. My head bobbing up and down on his manhood while softly massaging his big hairy sack. Meanwhile, he had managed to slip his hand inside my pants to caress my smooth, hairless buttocks. Eventually his finger, wet with his own saliva, found my tight hole and began exploring it. I loved this and instinctively responded by relaxing and tightening my anus as he tried to slip his finger inside my hole All of a sudden, he whispered urgently for me to stop! ¨Don´t move!¨ he said. I thought that he was about to *** and I was really looking forward to sucking him ´till he came but he insisted by holding my head in place begging for me to stop because someone was walking towards our car. I instantly froze! Yes, I could hear people getting closer to our car. They were a group of girls that were returning to their car, which was parked right next to ours. I could hear their voices and laughter just a few feet away from the window. My heart was racing! Here I was with half a **** in my mouth and a man´s finger up my ***. Only the relative darkness inside our car kept us from being discovered. They were just standing there between our two cars trying to making up their minds whether to get in or go back to the snack place. Regardless, I started feeling my friends **** tense up. ¨´No…no…no…¨ he was saying almost inaudibly. He was just about to *** and he was doing his best to hold back. Then I felt and tasted some warm *** just oozing out of his ****, flowing into my mouth as he tensed further. It wasn´t coming in squirts, just a continuous flow as he helplessly tried to hold back his ******. I swirled my tongue to taste a little bit of that warm nectar and that was enough to take him over the edge. He just exploded into my mouth. Strong, thick jets of ***** shot into my mouth and throat, quickly overflowing and seeping out and down his pulsating shaft. Bathing my clenched fingers with his warm man´s milk. The starchy aroma and salty taste was enough to make me forget about the girls just outside and continue giving it to him. I liked and sucked all that delicious man cream like a good girl should. Oh! It was incredible. I had wanted him so bad for such a long time and now I had the taste of his ***** in my mouth and throat to show me it was real. I slowed down as his **** gradually returned to flaccidity. His finger still deep in my ***. I could hear the girls giggling in the car next ours. I don´t know if it was because of the movie or because they had realized what was going on with us. I really didn´t care anymore. As a matter of fact, I proudly thought to myself…I´ve enjoyed this man´s delicious **** while you girls just watched this silly movie.
I sat back upright after he pulled his finger out of my ***. ¨Ohhh! Eddie, that was the best ******* I´ve ever had¨ He complimented.
¨I enjoyed it just as much¨ I replied as I kissed him softly on his lips. Then he asked: ¨How about we cut this silly movie and go to my place?¨.
¨I thought you´d never ask¨ I said with a big smile on my face.
But that´s another story.
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omg,,, that was delicious,,, made me feel like I was you,, my pantys are soakin wet, thank you,,, I hope to hear more hugs, michelle

Thank you sweetie. I´m glad I got you to wet your panties. Did it make you remember a past encounter? ;)

Wow!! What an incredibly sexy story!! So hot!!

You lucky sissy gurl. xox

Thank you hon! For the comment. That was a long time ago. i haven't been so lucky lately (sigh!) xoxo

I'm sorry about your unfortunate run of bad luck hun. xox

your story made me ***,,, wow...

I'm happy I contributed to that... wish I'd been there to lick it all up!

mmmm that would be nice,, Id love to Please , another guy, especially while I'm crossdressed.

Don't we all. I love to share with other sissies... all dressed up like sexy women, sharing fantasies and experiences. XOXO Could you add me?

I did hon,,, I love talking about girly things,,, where are you from

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That was so hot thank you for the great story now I want a **** so much think I will go out today and get me one or two

mmmmm the ******* hot smell of a big **** as he shoves it in your face is the best thing ever

r u still sucking **** if u r im next great storie

Great story!!!! I'm soooo hard from reading it!!! I think I'm going to have to J/O because you made me so horny. Wish you were here so I could suck you off!!!!

Great story, it's a shame that they got rid of all the drive-in theaters in my town, there used to be a lot of hot action going on.

what a wonderful story and a night to never forget

Wow what a hot story.

Great story.

hot story sweetie

Fabulous sweetie

What a lovely and sexy story to share with us, so erotic. I hope you and your lover had many more loving sessions like that. It is so wonderful to find and have a very good friend like you described. I hope you both will continue to be very happy with one another. I am interested to hear more from you.

Thank you for your comment. We did see each other a few times and had wonderful loving sessions. However, I had to move overseas and we each parted on different ways. Years later I met him again accidentally. He had married a lovely woman and apparently went hetero. I secretly envied his wife, for I knew what a fantastic lover he was. Wish we could have shared him ;)

isn't it nice how he jsut knew you were the sissy girl in the car and took advantage o fthe situation.<br />
<br />
so contine with the rest of the story. :)

Nice drive-in story girl.<br />
Louise CD

wonderful story

Oooooooh that is so hot!

Wow , made me hard, what a great story, keep uppp the great work.