Gang Bang.

I wanna be part of a gang but the slutty sissy ***** though. I want to be gang bang by abunch of gay gangsters. I want them to **** me when ever they wan't to. When ever they start to smoke weed I want them to form a circle that way I could be the **** sucker of the group. Who ever is smoking the blunt I would be sucking that cockk they pass the blunt i'll suck the next dickk. I'll smoke a little too just to get me more sluttier to suck all those dickks. Once their done with the blunt they get up and start ******* me, they grab me, **** me, kiss me, pound my little *****, make me deep throat their cockks, and just come all over me. Once they finish they'll sit back down and lite up another blunt. They just want me to be in the middle covered in come rubbing myself and playing with my ***** and ****-let. Once the guys leave me their all slutty, the mean girls come in and start to smoke they also bring girly clothes to put on me and dress me up and nice strapons and ****** to **** me with. They'll tease me, play with me, humiliate me, video tape me being made into a slutty ***** *****. They'll teach me how to act like a lady, walk like a lady, how to suck dickk better and just transform me into a real women. What I really want from all of this is just to be a the only group **** sucker for men. I just want to suck multiple dickks at a time =D
girlydimpale girlydimpale
18-21, M
2 Responses Sep 1, 2012

Its that need for attention that will make you a totally wanton sissy!

Rastacock vibration, yeah !!!

After hearing you say it i just had to make a story =D