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My Wife Returned

Two weeks ago, I was sleeping to night, when my ex-wife arrives, wakes me with a slap on the *** and say - I'm back. At the time I froze. And she continued - you liked so much of live like my wife, who continues sleeping in her nightgown. I bet you felt my absence. Then now I'm back, for us to be a couple again. - And she already was undressing and playing in bed. Before I say anything, she was kissing me, sucking me and putting his finger in my ***. She did this almost until dawn.

When she fell asleep I realized that everything would be as before, she, the man and I, the woman. This condition I'm already accustomed to, but go back to being beaten by her I would not admit. That was what I intended, but in my heart, I knew I would not have the strength to stop it. I fell asleep too!

The next day she pulled me out of bed and said, what are you thinking? You will turn a *****? Already into the kitchen to make my breakfast - and gave me a few slaps in the face to show that she really had come to stay.

Result: my life turn to be like before. I went back to have a owner.
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Hi..I also am very very lucky. My girlfriend loves ME wearing all her panties lingerie and nightgowns. We often also muck about in pantyhose.

awesome, please add me luv - wud love to get to know u & ur girlfriend?

wow helinha.. nice report.... and it seems you fully enjoyed all the going ons..

My wife makes me wear a bra because I have larger plumper breasts then she does. I fill out a 42 B cup bra all on my own, and my wife is somehwat flat chested, she is a 34 A cup. She got tired of seeing my big womanly breasts flapping around as she put it and decided that since I have womanly breasts, that I would wear a bra like any other woman. I must admit it, I do love it when she play with and fondles my breasts, and when she kisses and sucks on my nipples, I am her sissy *****. I now wear panties and a bra every day under my clothes as well as a frilly night gown to the bedroom I am her wife and she uses her strap on dilldoe on me three times a week...she likes the power and control she has over me when she makes me moan like a little girl when she is having her way with my sissy rear end

OMG, that is fantastic. I am soo happy for you! Congratulations to your wife for doing what she is doing!
Soo happy for you!

Couldnt have said it better!

good for you...

You lucky, lucky sissy.

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I am a sissy at heart, I need a good owner and a spanking to go with a collar.

Ya, i hope so!!

I am very happy for you! i am jealous too, you are very lucky to have a loving owner! jealous!!! hope you tell her daily how happy you are that she has chosen to take you back!

Well, spanking is needed to keep us inline i hear! and i am totally jealous of you, i long to be and feel like a real wife!!


I love a good spanking from my b/f, bent over his lap, skirt pulled up, him smacking my pantie clad ***. Makes me want to please him even more. Usualy he will follow it by ******* me, bareback, then right before he ****, he will pull out and shove it in my mouth and make me suck him dry. Tasting me on him and his juices at the same time, um, I'm his ***** for sure.

Very nice!! what a way to do it! Thank you for sharing!

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Its feels good to have someone in charge of your life.

I'm so jealous. I'm a sissy that needs to be collared!!!

honey if you learn to obey and guess what she wants before she asks you will be happy and she won't need to slap you

i guess i should congratulate you as you clearly like her (him) to treat you that way.

I am glad that works for you. I am not sure that would be something I could deal with. I would much rather be doing the *** slapping.

My wife doesn't slap me, but she does spank me, especially when she enters me!