Schoolgirl Trained Me To Be A Sissy

This true story is not my first cross dressing experience as I had been wearing my mothers underwear and dresses and my sisters school uniform from age 10 this is the experience that trained into a submissive sissy.How I became a sissy cross dresser with a fetish for schoolgirl uniform, female and male domination , humiliation, small **** humiliation..Cardigan button fetish. All because of one dominant schoolgirl.
my mother used to work just past home time from school so I would spend an hour or so with lady next door and her 14year old daughter I was 12 she was vey dominant over me and I did as she told me we sometimes went out to a big garden shed in her garden to play she was one of those girls who liked to play games like nurses and she liked to play she was a school teacher and I her pupil one day playing this game in the shed she said I should be a school girl she ******** me naked then I could see a hanger with a school uniform on it lying over a work bench she took the clothes of the hanger and started dressing me in her school uniform first grey tights and a white bra then a white blouse and tie then a grey button front pinafore and a blue cardigan buttoned up she then opened the blouse and stuffed the bra to form breasts and buttoned the blouse she dressed me like this many times , I know now I was enjoying it and didn’t resist, she would play school mistress I her schoolgirl, she progressed to every time we played she would have reason to belt my bottom and I would bend over when ordered to be punished she rub my little penis and tell me how small it was it was and how she had seen other boys with much bigger ***** than mine she told me I had a sissy winkie not a **** . She gave me the name Rachel she would make stand in front of her and repeat “My name is sissy Rachel with a tiny winkie” I was near puberty and was getting was now getting aroused during our games she would play with it and get it hard she told me that I should be wanking by now and she had seen boys do it and instructed me how to **** I did with her help and had my first ****** which really amused her , Now I was desperate to play our game and she would help or watch me **** every chance we got to play . Caroline organized that a boy who lived across the road Craig who was 16 and a girl I knew Janice who was at my school younger than me age 12 join us .Caroline had told me she played you show me your I’ll show you mine games with Craig and that’s what they were there for Caroline started showing off by bullying me in front of them and they laughed as Caroline made me ***** and show them how small my winkie was I didn’t understand at the time why I allowed myself to be humiliated but I knew I was enjoying it Caroline dressed me in her school uniform the other girl Janice was in a fit of giggling Caroline made us stand in a circle and Caroline unbuttoned her dress and pulled her small **** out of her bra and pulled down her panties and then she pulled Craig’s trousers and pants down his **** instantly erect it was 5 times bigger than mine Caroline wanked it a few strokes then she made Janice unbutton her cardigan and blouse and bare her **** and lift her skirt and show her fanny Caroline told me your a girl Rachel stand with the girls beside us I stood with my pinafore held up and tights pulled down showing my winkie as Craig wanked and having a feel of Caroline’s and Janice’s **** my winkie was hard but as I put my hand on it Caroline told me not to touch it only boys with big ***** get to **** to the girls , Craig said he was going to *** the girls huddled closer with me in the middle Craig’s **** was directed at me Caroline pulled Craig’s hand of his **** as it twitched and leaked *** after a few seconds Caroline resumed the **** pulling Craig and his **** closer to me he started to shoot Caroline made sure the ***** went over me on my pinafore and dress . The 4 of us had another 5 sessions which progressed to Caroline having full sex with Craig as I watched I endured lots more humiliation and punishment learning me my place as a submissive firmly programming me for a life of being a sissy .
rachelusissy rachelusissy
31-35, M
Dec 7, 2012